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Stephen's A8 Blog > Rasta Convertor

Posted 28 January 2017

First time I have ever taken a non-converting image, and fixed it, such that a suitable conversion is possible.
Before I reduced the detail in "certain" areas, this is the best result.  Note the terrible tell-tale "horizontal banding".

Seeing that the image was struggling with two specific areas, I went in and removed most of the deta...

Stephen's A8 Blog > PC APACi239 convertor

Posted 01 December 2013


Feature List:
Place any 768 byte RGB palette in the Palette directory, and they are available upon program launch.
Optional debug files during conversion (HUE & LUM files).
Optional dithering (currently, Floyd-Steinberg (4 pixel error diffusion) and Burkes (7 pixel error diffusion)).
Ability to select multiple files and batch conv...

Stephen's A8 Blog > Double Rainbow - meh! I've got Quad Rainbow pt.6

Posted 05 December 2011

I usually don't post a video of something that is not working, but oh well - it's been a while, and I was finally able to put in some time. The ball (missle 3 to be precise) motion is done in the Immediate VBI. It's not working 100% just yet, but masking works, and the motion mostly...

Stephen's A8 Blog > Term80 Disassembly

Posted 07 November 2011

This is a very early work in progress. I hope to have some more time to work on this towards the end of December. I may wait to work on it until after I receive my Turbo Freezer though. I cannot run CP/M from an emulator, but currently the only ROM based monitor I have in the Atari requires a reset to activate it, and that wipes out the term program. I...

Stephen's A8 Blog > Indus GT CP/M Experiments #2 - Word Processing

Posted 20 October 2011

OK - I am getting better at making CP/M disks, so I hope to get my better camera setup this weekend, and post a nice tutorial.

For now, we'll go WAY back in time to 1978. Here are some screenshots of MicroPro's WordMaster 1.07a.

Here's a DIR of the WordMaster disk. The "PIP PRN:=*.ASM" commands copy files to the printer (a...