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Today, 12:29 PM

Well how do you play clear sounds with SID?

And, well ( 2 ) , Development on the Atari sometimes takes centuries ;)

What's available yet...

You may not be able to cut off high frequencies, but you can add waves on different channels to spread the waves and to cancel the high frequencies then.

Is that a SID player?

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Today, 11:57 AM


I wish these youtube 'personalities' would just release the transcripts so I can read though what would be a 10 minute video in about 90 seconds without having to listen to their whiny voices and shitty background music.


Plus, those are the second most yellow teeth I've seen in a youtube video this week. 

Well, he's English, innit'?

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Yesterday, 3:04 PM

Highlander engine ...

Oooh - 8 fps with 10 polygons on screen.  Yeah - wicked engine there :)

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Yesterday, 1:33 PM

So 14 downloads for SW. Should I be posting these in the main group?

I'm sure there are more than 14 owners of Skunkboards here (Atari Age).

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Fri May 18, 2018 4:13 PM


Actually, it is harder to hear the music gap on a slower speed. On a very slow speed, you'll hear the silence, but you won't recognize it as a gap, since you do not experience the pulse in the music. 

But then we can't be accused of:

  • Being pirates (no disks for you)
  • Being nitpicky (seeing a glitch on transition, hearing a sound glitch on transition)