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In Topic: Images generated by RastaConverter

Today, 11:21 AM

Wow - the doe&fawn almost looks like a photograph.

In Topic: Sails of Doom, new multijoy game

Yesterday, 6:43 PM

Holy shit - that is AWESOME!  I'll take several.  BTW - one is going to be fully populated but made into a wall clock :)

In Topic: BitWriter Replica 1050 - Order phase has started

Yesterday, 6:41 PM

never cheap out on caps...  never cheap out on caps...  never....

I've also found that the mantra should ne "never replace caps, never replace caps" just because it's the vogue thing to do.  If there is a problem, then replace them.


I have never in my life, had to replace a cap in any Atari computer, peripheral, etc. since I have been using them.  From 1982 to 2018.  Also, I have lots of high power, high dollar vintage audio gear.  Some going back to my birth year of 1975.  Again, never an issue.


I'd really love to know the origin of this mythical need for "re-capping" devices.

In Topic: WUDSN IDE: The free integrated Atari 8-bit development plugin for Eclipse

Yesterday, 3:13 PM

Welcome.  That's a really cool first post BTW!

In Topic: Broken VLM

Thu Nov 15, 2018 4:05 PM

Stephen, thank you very much! I was able to select 1-4 which finally showed some FFT-driven wave forms in the rhythm of the music.


It seems that most of the effect are far from optimal, at least as far as music processing goes (incl. that starfield 9-1 posted above)

This visualizer, as with most all of Jeff's, are more for user interaction.  They are not just visualizers that everyone knows from WinAmp, which just flash to music.  Holding the B button (I think) will make different effects come up depending on the selected bank, and the d-pad will move things around.