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#4015660 THE!CART... New 128MB FLASH Cartridge

Posted by Stephen on Today, 11:19 AM


Five days later... wow... I don't want to know how you behave when you're "in a hurry".

Good thing he didn't preorder a 7800XM or a sloopy VBXE2.  Think I've been waiting a combined 15 years for those :)

#4015647 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Stephen on Today, 10:54 AM

Forum - not forem :)

#4015579 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Stephen on Today, 8:58 AM


hmm I understand you, but Atari is not the only company to have changed hands and sometimes several times ... the current CEO is doing his utmost to revive Atari and this new platform will be the return of the phoenix


then yes we can see that you are a true fan of Atari and I think your surprise this Christmas will be an Atari VCS 2018

Quoted because it's just too much.  Wow man - this new CEO must really want it to happen!

#4015008 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Stephen on Yesterday, 1:12 PM


You're lucky to have snagged it while it was available! I would have done the same. 


Quick question: can you choose a different soundtrack? I am soooooooo sick of the Tempest 2000 tunes. I have heard them  ... a lot. 

I haven't messed with the music much.  I know if you go to the game menu, and hit about, you can listen to something like 43 tunes.  At least one from Space Giraffe, sounds like a few from TxK.

#4014951 Breakout 2000 - Mario Perdue Interview - A Forgotten Jag Gem?

Posted by Stephen on Yesterday, 11:28 AM

I got the game as soon as it came out.  Neat concept and fun game, but tons of slowdown.  I was very disappointed at the time - 64-bit powerhouse couldn't do Breakout without slowdown?!?


Mario was a nice guy though.  We spoke a little via emails, although I cannot find them now.  Was probably 20 years ago.

#4014142 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Stephen on Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:53 AM

Only 6 days left to make the announcement about the announcement for the pre-order of the non-existent product.  I am so psyched, I really want this to happen.

#4013602 Top Games You'd Like to Have for Atari 8-Bits

Posted by Stephen on Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:31 PM

Yes. That's impressive demo. On the other hand my goal was not number of sprites or speed. It was how to make sprites that behave and look almost like real hardware sprites. Something universal that can be used in hundred games and not just single kind of shooter game.


Of course double scanline modes will be faster. There's less bytes to erase, shift, draw...


So here are examples with doubled scanlines.




12 sprites running in 50fps:



24 sprites running in 25fps:



12:6 and 24:14 is a decent speed up imho.

Are you sure that the demo with 24 is running at 25fps?  I ran both side by side, and the demo with 12 sprites completes 4 loops in the time the other completes one (2.5 seconds vs 10 seconds).  Not criticizing - it's a very cool sprite engine you have created.

#4012890 Fixing an Atari Najm 65XE

Posted by Stephen on Sun Apr 22, 2018 12:24 PM

This 65XE is up for auction.  Stephen has helped a lot, but this device has problems far more than anticipated.


Guys, if anyone is interested in this board, I did the following repair work to it:
See photos here
Repaired 3 broken traces / pads:
    from CPU19 (goes to a pad below ANTIC22)
    from CPU10 (goes to a pad above ANTIC9)
    from CPU22 (goes to a pad next to U5)
Verified continuity at the sockets for the following pins:
    ANTIC22 to CPU20
    ANTIC23 to CPU18
    ANTIC24 to CPU17
    ANTIC25 to CPU16
    ANTIC26 to CPU15
    ANTIC27 to CPU14
    ANTIC28 to CPU13
    ANTIC10 to CPU12
    ANTIC11 to CPU11
Socketed the PCB with machine pin sockets for:
    CPU      40 pin double wipe
    GTIA     40 pin double wipe
    ANTIC    40 pin double wipe
    BASIC    24 pin double wipe
    OS       28 pin double wipe
    FREDDIE  40 pin machine
    POKEY    40 pin machine
    PIA      40 pin machine
    MMU      20 pin machine
    RAM      16 pin machine

Put in new RAM, machine booted straight up to BASIC! Bad news - carts do not work (they are simply not read) but I am at a loss. I verified continuity between the bottom of the 65XEN's motherboard and all pins of a plugged in cart+ECI device so I don't believe this to be a mechanical issue. I have tried two different MMUs and two PIAs. I hooked keyboard up to the machine to test it further. Initially self test passed. But then it started failing, and now the machine is not booting again. So I am at a loss here - I have verified the MMU, Freddie, CPU, ANTIC, GTIA, and RAM work in another machine.

BTW - here's two videos showing some work on the machine, I did them as mini-tutorials for de-soldering.


#4008906 Matterhorn #8? First NIB

Posted by Stephen on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:28 AM

Now I'm a liar.

You have issues, deep ones.

You're constant misrepresentation of what I say, who I am, and just generally replying to almost all topics just doesn't sit well with me.


And now you're saying Atari cartridge collecting is a worthless hobby in which you'd rather flush your money down the toilet.

How do you define collecting as buying something then flipping for a huge profit?  Collecting means holding on to things, hence building a collection.

#4007650 Using the Ultimate Cart as a 65816

Posted by Stephen on Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:23 PM

This is just awesome!

#4007275 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Stephen on Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:14 PM


P-Dubs liked it.  Is this a cryptic message about their Atari SA's stock price increasing?

#4006036 Bobterm and Wimodem232OLED

Posted by Stephen on Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:58 PM

This guy sells several cases for them: COREi64 - WiModem232 OLED

He also sells some Atari-specific cases -- for several different carts.

I can vouch for the quality of his prints.  I got a really nice dark blue shell for an Ultimate Cart as a b-day present last year.

#4005757 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Stephen on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:34 AM

Strange update yesterday on Delaney Digital's YouTube channel (of RVGS and Coleco Chameleon render fame):



Strange, because I still wonder if they're involved with Atariboxvcs.



You sure that's for Space Invaders?  It could be for a re-release of Boston's album.


#4005420 Where are all the ICD P:R: Connections?

Posted by Stephen on Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:40 PM

If I understand it correctly (Thom will tell me if I’m wrong!), the PLATO cart has handlers baked in for the 850 R: handler, the 1030 modem and (I forget the name) the popular 3rd party modem that plugged into the joystick ports (Microbits?). It doesn’t/can’t communicate with a modem or device that loads its own R: handler otherwise, so the P:R:C can’t be used with stock PLATO stuff.

He’s reversed-engineered the code and has built some .car images that can be used with a flash cart that should work with the P:R:C but I haven’t had time to test it myself.

(Hope I got all that summarized correctly!)


#4005342 Upcoming Jaguar SD Cartridge

Posted by Stephen on Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:49 PM

I have a question about the SD cartridge for the Jaguar. We know that the cartridges for the system constantly need to be cleaned. Will this be a problem for the SD cartridge? I assume no, but I am also thinking about the cartridge port as well. I am thinking that leads on the cartridge will have better material so they will not need to be cleaned as much. I am by no means downing the product. By all means, I am psyched for it. Especially, for example, the CD BIOS that will be in it. It does look impressive, no doubt, and I would love to get a completed version of it someday. Even if it were released now, though, money's tight. But, it is on my wish list. Thanks and keep up the impressive work! :)

Safe to say this PCB will be no different than any other Jag cart.  However, I know when I get mine (I'm already on the pre-order list) it will permanently live in the Jag so I don't expect any contact issues.  That being said, I have owned my Jags since their 1994 release and have never had an issue with a non-working cart.