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In Topic: 1982 Prediction of Atari in the Year 2019

Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:31 AM

What I want to know, is wth 'filmic' means.

In Topic: Fallout 76

Fri Nov 9, 2018 8:19 AM

I didn't care for it, and I don't think it will be particularly successful. Bethesda doesn't seem to really understand what most people (I think) loved about the earlier fallouts. Even fallout 4, which I liked well enough but didn't love, suffered from it.

Here's the deal -


I don't want to build things. I don't want to play civ. I don't want fancy decorations or to play dress-up with armor colors or hair/face/body editing. I don't want bouncy colorful happy-time emoticons. I don't want to have to deal with some 12 year old trying to kill me or even just having to listen to him or have him wave and show me stupid emoticons. I don't want to have to cook and/or make routine things. I don't want an open-world multiplayer Farmville. I don't want a battle-royal that keeps replaying in a cartoon-style world.


What I DO want is story immersion, yet to still have open-world freedom. I want to shoot naughty things and blow lots of things up.I want to feel like the decisions I make make a real difference in the story line. I want to have goals to help people that mean something. I want good plots and lots of good side quests. I want interaction with NPCs, including the decision to just shoot them and to experience the consequences thereof. I want a dirty, gritty world that looks like a nuclear strategic war happened. I want story continuity. I want to be pressed hard to scavenge and explore for survival. 


So,as a lot of people like me feel, New Vegas was the pinnacle of Fallout greatness. Fallout 4 was OK, but they had started the process of dropping things like faction systems and skill advancements. The story lines were actually pretty good, but really it totally did not matter what you did in NPC conversations other than maybe shorten steps via charisma checks. Faction had no real meaning other than at the very highest story level. It had a good weapon and engagement system, but they dropped some mechanics around weapon repair, and yet oddly kept them for power armor. I hated that so much work went into the stupid 'let's build outposts and beds and paintings and walls and pictures and lets have to deal with directing a bunch of mindless NPCs to dig carrots' that could have gone into things like a meaningful faction system and a conversation system that was more than 'pick an aggressive or cynical or sarcastic or sympathetic response but don't worry because it won't really matter'.


Fallout 76 is too pretty, too cartoony, too simplistic. It's Fortnite with a Fallout-like skin on. There seems to be essentially no actual story line except some lame stuff about 'find the overseer' and popup quests. It's only 25 years after the bombs fell but already you see the full range of canon entities like the brotherhood and super-mutants where they do not exist in the timeline. I could theoretically see a multiplayer Fallout but it would have to be on totally different terms. This just feels like they are trying to skip having to do the hard work of story creation, voice acting, and complex quest trees and have us 'create our own adventure'. They tried to do online multiplayer, and also tried to keep some of the single player fallout feel, but those two things are incompatible and they wound up doing neither well.


BAH I say, BAH. You kids GET OFF MY LAWN!

In Topic: CC65 VBLANK and DLI

Sat Sep 29, 2018 4:55 PM

while ( *( (unsigned char *)(0xD40B))) might work too.

But I'm confused - if you are drawing graphics in a normal way, outside of the vertical blanks, then you are by definition not going to be drawing them while the vb is happening, so there's no point in waiting. Any cycles your program gets are always 'after the Vblank', right?  Unless the goal is to draw a complete screen before the next vblank happens...?

Anyway, I don't really understand what he's trying to do, so I'm probably off base.


Sanny - I didn't really give him a solution, just showed some examples of how to use a little bit of inline assembler to handle interrupts. He's asking for something else i think.

In Topic: CC65 VBLANK and DLI

Sat Sep 29, 2018 4:13 PM


well, that is the safest way to draw things on screen without messing things up right?


As far as I know, you don't have to wait for vblank to be over. You just draw your stuff, you'll be interrupted at some point but you won't know it and your routine will pick back up where it left off. The VBI won't mess with your graphics at all. It just increments some system values and does other housekeeping.

In Topic: CC65 VBLANK and DLI

Sat Sep 29, 2018 1:45 PM


ok. thanks for all responses, i think i understand.


a differnt question: 


if i use this method:

int isVBLANK()
          // get the currect raster line
          raster_line = PEEK(54283);

          // if it reaches line 120 = VBLANK
          distance = abs(120-raster_line);
          return (distance == 0);

if i use the number 120, everything seems to work ok. if i choose bigger number, things start to mess up......

any idea? any suggestions for improvements?




Yaron -

Why are you trying to wait until vblank is finished?