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Falcon Floppy disk connector

Sun Jan 7, 2018 7:38 PM

So, I have a functional falcon motherboard, but the floppy connector has been pulled off of the MB. It doesn't look like a normal connector...it has a bunch of little teeth that look like they are supposed to pierce the flat cable, possibly with a bar or other fastener along the top side clipped into place. What kind of connector is this, and is it possible to reconnect a floppy cable to the motherboard?





Rapidus works...now what?

Sat Sep 2, 2017 11:46 AM

So, I managed to solder 3 wires. My first soldering attempt, went OK and I only had about 300$ of soldering equipment ('professional' soldering/desoldering station), so I was roughing it.


I now have a 130xe with what appears to be a functioning rapidus in it. It boots (using RealDos). I can hit inverse key/reset to bring a menu up. It's just a panel of settings, and I'm not sure what they all mean. By jiggering around with them, I could tell that the rapidus  was on (REALLY fast IO during boot and screen writes noticeably faster). but RealDos croaks just as it's  finished loading. Does RealDos not function with Rapidus? Do I need to be using Sparta or some custom '816 dos?


So now what? I can't seem to find any decent docs on rapidus, so if someone could point me to any I'd appreciate it. I think I need to upgrade the core, and the software is available at Lotharek's so I can handle that. I know there's several HUGE threads here but wading through them I'd like to skip if there are some kind of docs somewhere. Mostly I am looking for:


What do all the settings in the setup panel mean? Found them in long thread.

What DOS's work?

What are the various speedup modes available? Same place.