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Chetiry (2600)

Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:09 AM

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It is now 6 years since Chetiry was released in the AA homebrew store, and (until now) I have not made the source or ROM available publicly. The main reason is that the ROM image is not currently playable on either the Harmony cart or Stella emulator:

  • Chetiry uses an EEPROM chip inside the Hamony/Melody to store the music and high score data. On the Harmony, this chip is used for the menu system and would be overwritten.
  • Chetiry uses a custom bankswitching format (FA2) that is not yet emulated by Stella.

The audio code in Stella has recently been rewritten, and various people have asked if the ROM for Chetiry is available for testing. As a result, I have now decided to post it publicly in the hope that this will lead to support in Stella.

The files are as follows:

  • chetiry_NOEEPROM_NTSC.bin & chetiry_NOEEPROM_PAL.bin - These ROMS will work on Harmony and Stella but with no music or hiscore table.
  • chetiry_NTSC.bin & chetiry_PAL.bin - The full ROMS (they do not work in Stella or Harmony currently).
  • chetiry_tunes_img.zip - The image file for the Chetiry tunes (stored in the EEPROM).
  • chetiry_SRC.zip - The source code for Chetiry.


[EDIT: 10/21/2018]

Attached chetiry_NTSC_STELLA.bin & chetiry_PAL_STELLA.bin - thse binaries contain both the game and tune data.