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#3081174 Alex Kidd Port

Posted by mäsäxi on Sun Sep 28, 2014 1:26 AM

Thank you a lot! :) I will try to attach it now. :)


There aren´t too much changes, as I didn´t want to make too radical changes to your good picture! :) I wanted to give that paper a bit more old map feel, by making the edges of paper darker/burnt. And I also made the volcano look a tiny bit more realistic, now you can see crater´s inside wall and the lava is a bit more lively now. :) I added a bit more "light" to the volcano´s slope, so it looks like the sun is shining from that way. :) If we will use that "sunshine look" then that "top" slope definitely needs some more white pixels and changing the places of some black pixels to get a more realistic look, but I didn´t have too much time and like I said I didn´t want to change your picture too much. :) Plus there is a little more extra colour here and there, like more sunshine look in the tree tops. :) I wanted to make that dark blue area wider or at least few pixel rows taller in the bottom pixel rows of the river, lakes and island, but for that, the rivers were too narrow and the bottom edge of the paper is too close, so it would look too full. I haven´t counted all the pixels, and might have counted some of them wrongly, so some of the pixels can be in the wrong place.

TI can make very pretty pictures! :) This starts to look too much like console game! ;) A bad thing? ;)


Edit: Ok, you can see the picture now! :) But as the picture is so small, you will definitely need to save this picture to your computer and magnify it to see the changes. :)

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#3072693 PAL TI has different cassette port than NTSC TI?

Posted by mäsäxi on Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:22 AM

 With the proper support circuitry a guy to use the TI to turn on or off a single device.  What the heck that would be, I dunno.


2-in-1: To turn on and off the lights in your house. And then automatically ignite your house. ;)

#3061612 PAL TI has different cassette port than NTSC TI?

Posted by mäsäxi on Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:26 AM

Thank you, it was a relief to hear that! :) On the sides there are no extra homemade ports either.

#3061604 PAL TI has different cassette port than NTSC TI?

Posted by mäsäxi on Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:13 AM

Thank you for your replies, and thank you Astharot for offering to help to get a cable. I took some photos, I will show them first. For me, these things look unmodified, but please share your knowledge with me. :) I can understand if somebody makes Atari type joystick port or makes a new expansion port for homemade hardware, but I cannot think a reason why somebody would modify a cassette port though, if they are all the same. :) Also, are joystick ports of my both TIs the original ones? I can see metal clips under them.




#3060973 Sabre Wulf

Posted by mäsäxi on Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:21 AM

ti99userclub, wonderful picture! :) This has modern day photoshop touch in it (colours, blends) but as a picture I-like-it! :) Sorry, I miss too much that era when computers weren´t used to make/colour pictures. :) I am such an old geezer. ;)

#3060560 Us guy's need to stick together - (Wive's & Girl Friend EXCUSES)

Posted by mäsäxi on Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:36 PM






Us gals need to stick together - (our men´s stupid ´n ridiculous "hobbies")





  In selected female forums around the web!













Beware.......  ;)










#3060308 Alex Kidd Port

Posted by mäsäxi on Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:04 AM

Does this open for you: http://s9.postimg.or..._island_1.png ?

it gave me 403 forbidden, but on the second try it worked. :) Thank you! Looks very nice! Speaking with MSX terms, sure it would look even more nicer with some Screen 2 extra colour, but I do like it the way it is now. :) If the background had any more colour, maybe it would look like non-TI-ish. :_(    ;) 


May I say that I would like to play the finished game on my TI someday? ;) Yeah, now I have my own TI!!!! At last!! :-D :grin: Well, now it´s said. :) Lovely looking computer!

#3059721 Alex Kidd Port

Posted by mäsäxi on Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:45 AM

Just great! :) Please continue, want to see this finished some day! :)


By the way, for some reason, I cannot see Miracle_island_1.png picture from the first post, it tries to load it, but nothing happens.

#2917761 Pirate strategy games on Amiga?

Posted by mäsäxi on Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:17 AM

Hello again. ;-)


I used to play Microprose Pirates! on Amiga, I am familiar with that game. Then I know that there exists Pirates of the Barbary Coast by Cascade. In Colonization you can practise piracy as well, thought it is limited to purchasing desired ships and control your ship icon to same location with other ship icon and then "battle" happens, which is just a text box saying if the other ship evaded you or if you lost or won and in the latter case had the ability to choose what kind of  cargo you want to rob. Are there any other Pirate strategy games for Amiga 500 than first two mentioned games?


Let´s say Pirates! is a good average game. Is Pirates of the Barbary Coast in the same class or worse? Atari ST conversion didn´t get too good review in Computer & Video Games magazine back in time. I have some vague memory that it was mentioned that the treasure was always on the same island, which surely drops replay value down a lot, but was that problem only on 8 or 16-bit conversions, or both?

#2839423 TI Scramble - Scramble clone

Posted by mäsäxi on Tue Oct 1, 2013 12:55 AM

You are right, Rasmus. Smooth scrolling and original speed are important things, and game will surely be more attractive with smooth scrolling even it will be less colourful. When I suggested another colour for the top layer of the ground, I was afraiding that you would tell me about having too few tiles. :(

There are still some ways to bring more colour, without being tile consuming. You could make "sand" (everything below the top layer) having other colour than black, and to prevent colour clash, you will need just one more (I think) tile, which has just one colour, all pixels are purple. That way colourful "sand" tile and top layer will not have any colour problems.

I do understand, that when missiles are placed in the open area, they may look a bit strange, if they will get more colour after they are fired to the sky.

I guess all explosions are made with sprite? Otherwise the explosion of the missile which is sitting in it´s silo, will be monochrome. As you are probably using sprites for the explosion, you can get more colourful explosion even just using just one sprite, by changing it´s colour on every frame. If you have any sprite memory left for just one sprite, you can use second sprite to make explosion have two colours, and you can still alter the colours of those two sprites on every frame, to make explosion even more colourful. This second explosion sprite must have low priority, so it will be showed only if there aren´t too many sprites on the same row. I think that colourful explosion is a simple but very effective way to get some extra colour, and having colourful explosion is always very satisfying for the player. :) Even more, if all the spaceships and missiles and comets/meteors are monochrome, then colourful explosion will look really good! :)


One more idea would be to use one flickering sprite to make flickering colourful windows for U.F.O., cycling the very same sprite for every U.F.O.. U.F.O.´s windows usually tend to be flashing in strange colours. :) Same idea could be used for meteor swarm, I think it would suit well for meteors, if you use that sprite for making fumes behind the actual meteors. 

As far as I know, there is no decent Scramble clone for MSX. :( The best one is Super Cobra, and that´s not very much said. I do remember, that it looked allright in mid-eighties thought. There is one clone called Skramble from Aackosoft, but it´s totally monochrome and badly made, cannot be compared to what you are making right now. :) There was also one "clone" with funny idea, called "Scrambled Eggs". Game was like meteor shower stage, eggs coming at you fast, and when shot little chicks hatched and flew away. :) It was fun for few tries, but that´s all, there weren´t any ground targets and I think there were nothing more to see in that game, please correct me if somebody knows better. I am not sure if there was any more Scramble clones for MSX, but if there were, they weren´t any good ones. I have always wished to have decent very colourful original style Scramble clone for MSX.

#2085906 MSX to Coleco

Posted by mäsäxi on Thu Sep 2, 2010 1:00 PM

MSX to Coleco....

I really hope there could be Coleco to MSX ports too!! :) (and not just in my dreams.....)

There are many original 1980s games, homebrew games and "coming soon" games and "maybe" games which I would gladly buy for my MSX-1. :)

If just someone kind soul could port them.... :) .....there surely are many MSX cartridge makers who are willing to make them to a cartridge form!! :)

I wish to have opcode´s Donkey Kong arcade + All Coleco´s Donkey Kong conversions (including Adam one) on same cartridge! :D

.....and Wizard of Wor.... and many others....! :)

Colecofan1981, Vampire Killer is MSX2 megacartridge game, by the way....

#2071320 OpcodeGames Shouldn't Leave Us Homebrewers

Posted by mäsäxi on Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:37 AM

Thank you, Pixelboy.

I read first half of that thread, and can just say SHIT THING!

#2063062 Destroyer

Posted by mäsäxi on Sun Aug 1, 2010 9:23 AM

Here's an early title screen design. It would have been possible to select a country, but I have no idea what the difference would be. The enemy (the subs) would perhaps be the Third Reich or something political acceptable.

Posted Image


It was nice to see finnish flag in your title screen. :)

Country selection... maybe ships can have historical names? (one name per country) When thinking OLD computer games, it was nice to just see flag and/or name of your own country, even there wasn´t any other difference. When thinking newer games, like "The Games" series from Epyx and other companies which made olympic games games, there was no difference, you just could select your own country (if it was in the list), but that was great thing even I remember Finland was really NOT listed in every olympic game in the past.

When adding country selection, then you have to do bit of historical reading (or ask somebody) to give each country realistic enemies. Like thinking nazis, depending on the country, they were considered as "friends" or "enemy". In finnish Jatkosota (translated as Continuation War) in the forties, Germany was actually considered as both.