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PAL TI has different cassette port than NTSC TI?

Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:36 AM

My TI was missing cassette cable (which connects cassette recorder to TI), I contacted the seller and he searched and  found one for me afterwards, but said it was unfortunately for the US model and looks different than the port at the backside of my TI, so it won´t plug to my TI. I didn´t knew there could be any difference between cassette ports in the same machine, no matter where they were sold.


At the backside of my TI-99/4A there is a port which looks exactly like 9-pin joystick port. I guess this must be the cassette port as TV modulator cable and power supply cable are plugged in already. :) So there is different looking port in the US machine?


Is there any (cheap) adapter for connecting US cassette cable to my TI? Or could somebody nice european person sell me european TI-99/4A cassette cable for reasonable price? :)



Thank you in advance,

MäSäXi :)

NTSC machine´s Speech Synthesizer and cassettes on PAL machine?

Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:09 PM

If I buy Speech Synthesizer from USA, will it work on PAL machine? I guess it is made to work on both standards, but I want to be sure before buying one. Is there anything I should know about using Speech Synthesizer?


Also, will cassettes made for NTSC machine work on PAL? I started to wonder when I understood Tunnels of Doom cartridge also has a cassette.


Are there certain cassette games which may not work on PAL? Does Slinky work?


Thank you again in advance!



Which cartridge games need a joystick?

Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:21 PM

Hello, that´s the question. :)


Are there cartridge games which allow player to choose to use either joystick or keyboard?


Are there any cartridge games which don´t read the joystick port at all but will use keyboard instead?



I started to wonder these, as it is possible that if I find suitable TI-99/4A lot someday, joysticks may not be included in that lot. It would be a sad moment, if I buy some TI lot from home continent and then buy games from USA and then all those games will need a joystick....


Am I right, if I say Atari standard joysticks cannot be used with TI? (at least not without modification) I have some memory that TI joysticks also had 9-pin connector, but wires were in different order than in Atari sticks. Of course it would be lots nicer to use original TI joysticks than some modified joystick.



Thank you in advance for any help! :)



NTSC cartridges working on PAL?

Mon May 12, 2014 9:27 AM

Is there any sense in dreaming of buying NTSC cartridges for PAL TI-99/4A? :? Will I have graphics and sound problems or games not working at all? I don´t have TI-99/4A yet, though. :)