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In Topic: Air Cars - Original or Reissue?

Today, 6:07 PM

they photocopy the manual. at one point they had originals... and some uncut sticker sheets. but that was a long time ago.

So they're charging $20 for a photocopy?? Think I could get it printed properly with a cover for less than that!

In Topic: Air Cars - Original or Reissue?

Today, 8:03 AM

I like 3d action shooters, and know this games isn't know for being that good, but the price is high anyhow:


Thought I'll go for the ICD/B&C version for 50 and for 70 with manual.

My question. It is a beta version game, maybe not pollished, but is the ICD/B&C version a full (fully playable) game with lots of levels and a finnish???

Cheeky bastartds! I remember when the cart was $40 & with manual was $45. Guess they must be running short of the manual then?? Their prices always go up when things begin to run short. :mad:  

In Topic: Alpine Games final run

Today, 8:01 AM

This is what you'll receive if you belong to the lucky few:

Ok now I more upset as I actually mentioned this cart in emails. Will it still be available to purchase separately??

In Topic: JHL 15 : Release

Yesterday, 4:08 AM

Tomorrow we'll know if my choice for the title screen is good or not ;)

Good Choice. However I was much more conservative for the physical release  :P

In Topic: Alpine Games final run

Yesterday, 3:59 AM

What happened about the bonus cart? It was only mentioned in one of the update emails. Would have liked to have had this too, but really I'm just happy I managed to snag a boxed copy after missing out last time.