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Goochman's Marketplace Blog > KeyChain Classic Mini Games

Posted 29 June 2013

I purchased these from a friend who needed $$ a long time ago - I have no idea what they are worth and cant find much online about them. The majority of these the batteries have died. The Ms Pac Man Pen game does work and is actually kinda neat. I have instructions for a few of them but no boxes
Sold as is. $25 plus shipping for the lot.

Goochman's Marketplace Blog > Texas Instruments 99/4A in box w/carts

Posted 09 June 2013

Texas Instruments 99/4A computer in box. Box has wear (see pics), includes power supply, 2 joysticks, coaxial cable connector for switchbox(see in pic) and 7 cartridges - Parsec, Munch Man, Adventure, Jawbreaker II, Moon Mine, TI Invaders, Tunnels of Doom.

$50 plus shipping

Goochman's Marketplace Blog > 5200 Carts for sale

Posted 12 September 2010

Prices noted below.  Shipping extra.  Labels for the most part are in excellent condition.  Bulk discounts can applyAstro Chase - $8Centipede - $2Choplifter - $6Defender - $2Football - $2Gorf - $6Missile Command - $3Ms. Pac Man - $3Pac Man(x2) - $2Real Sports Soccer - $3Real Sports Baseball - $3