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In Topic: SD multicarts we desperately need

Today, 3:44 AM

Isn't GroovyBee's Hive cart supposed to be SD based, whenever it is ready? Or perhaps I only skimmed the details and it requires a cable to be reflashed.


Yes it is. When it comes out I'm sure I will buy one.

In Topic: Favorite sports game?

Yesterday, 9:33 PM

Miniature Golf

Sky Diver


In Topic: SD multicarts we desperately need

Yesterday, 8:45 PM

There's no need for an sd card based Intellivision flashcart. The LTO Flash! has more storage than every existing game.

True, but getting it loaded is a bugger, and if you want to add roms you have to go through the whole rigmarole again. 

In Topic: Shipping Costs

Yesterday, 5:15 PM

Shipping charges are horrible. I have shipped systems where the shipping charges were over $50. It's ridiculous. I often wonder why the post office is trying to make all their revenue off one package. It's difficult to sell anything when the shipping costs more than the item. Btw, distance often makes shipping charges higher. Living in Idaho my packages tend to go half way across the country (or all the way across the country).

In Topic: SD multicarts we desperately need

Yesterday, 4:56 PM

Well there's the Cuttle Cart 2 for the 7800 of course.. but no longer buyable and it uses an MMC card. Still though, works! :)

Yeah, I missed out on BOTH the Cuttle Carts 2 and 3. Now they are unobtainium.