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In Topic: sio2bsd, pc-link, file2pc.obj, raspberry pi, Bad Status from PC problem

Yesterday, 12:33 PM

Hi a8isa1,


   Thanks very much for the reply - I read it as file2pc was a program to copy files from the 8-bit to a PC directory, but I agree it is a bit ambiguous. If you have RespeQt (version 4(?) or similar), is there any chance you could test out file2pc.obj (it is on the ATARI.ATR image) with your Pi as a PC-Link server? File2pc.obj is sending (SIO) status requests to device $3A, which is supposed to be reserved for PC-Link. I think this can be done, but I haven't installed RespeQt on my Pi, and don't want to start hacking the file2pc.obj sources until I am sure I have an environment that I know it works in.



My Pi is stripped back.  It's running headless on 2GB SD card.  no Qtlibs, so no AspeQt/RespeQt.   I don't remember if Atariserver can be built for Pi



In Topic: sio2bsd, pc-link, file2pc.obj, raspberry pi, Bad Status from PC problem

Yesterday, 10:37 AM

Hi E474!


It's not clear to me what you are trying to do.


I may be interpretting Nick Kennedy's notes wrong but it sounds like file2pc merely converts ATASCII files to ASCII files.  


from Nick's FAQ


"Can I convert my Atari files to PC files instead of disk images?

Yes. Using the supplied SIO2PC utility FILE2PC, you can convert Atari files to native PC files, ready to be picked up by your PC's word processor (or whatever ...). SIO2PC will not directly (without an Atari computer connected) extract files from an existing disk image and convert them to PC files. However, there are utilities by others that will do this. Follow the Atari Web Ring links to find a number of programs that will display the directories of .ATR disk images, extract files from them, etc. Another way to do this is to use the PRINT-THRU option of SIO2PC..  You will print the file on the Atari and have the printer's output captured to a file on the PC.  An advantage of this method is that you can have the system do conversions of Atari specific ATASCII codes to plain ASCII codes."


If you are trying to extract files from ATRs (Atari DOS or MyDOS formats) try ATR2UNIX.  It will compile under Raspbian.


To do ATASCII/ASCII conversion (end of lines conversion only) you can try these commands


linux text to ATASCII:

tr "\n" $'\x9B' <infile >outfile


ATASCII to linux:

tr $'\x9B' "\n" <infile >outfile


for Windows text files substitute \r for \n


The syntax is hard to remember (at least for me) with the $, single quotes, and double quotes.   I put the commands into bash shell scripts


These work on my RPi but it's not quite a Raspbian build. 




In Topic: Odd Action! bug

Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:29 PM

It's stranger yet.


If you have 



COLOR1=$2C4, i, j, k=[0]


then the spacing interval is now 4 bytes.


9881,$2699 = ' $04A7 167 1191
9885,$269D = N $434E 78 17230
9889,$26A1 =   $4C00 0 19456



Nevermind.  It was always 4 bytes. Sorry.

In Topic: Is there a game you would buy the hardware for to play it? (Atari 8 bit)

Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:47 AM

I'm not sure a game alone would draw me to buy real hardware but I love these combinations of game and controller.


- Super Breakout and Atari's paddle controller.


- Missile Command+ and an old converted Logitech bus mouse.  (I don't know the resolution of the mouse.  Guessing 100 DPI).


The combinations are perfect!



In Topic: Atari ROM Hacks (AtariMax cart image)

Thu Dec 6, 2018 12:50 PM

I just discovered Moon Patrol Arcade is a 16K cart image as well and it's still a WIP.


I don't see any XEX versions posted.