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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

It all started a long time ago with the Atari 2600 game Adventure, one of the first (if not the first!) game to contain an Easter Egg. By placing a certain object in a certain place in the game, the programmer's name, Warren Robinett, is revealed on the screen. These days we come to expect games to have Easter Eggs and many people are disappointed when games ship without them. In addition to Easter Eggs, many games have cheat codes that might unlock secret levels, change the game difficulty, make you invincible, and so forth.

This list shows all the Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs we've put into the AtariAge database. For the 2600 we have not including tips that require frying the system, since those results are usually unpredictable and difficult to reproduce. If you have any additions you'd like to submit to us, please drop us a line!


System View:

SystemTitle Hint
Activision Decathlon, TheHigher pole vaulting
Activision Decathlon, TheUse Paddles on Running Events
Activision Decathlon, TheSkipping On Air
Activision Decathlon, TheEasy running
AdventureWalk over title screen
AdventureProgrammer Credit
AdventureSlow end music
AdventureEat Your Heart Out, Rhindle
AdventureBatter Up!
Adventures of TronProgrammer Credit
Adventures on GX-12Programmer Credit
Arcade PinballDemonstration mode
Arcade PinballLower bonus points
Arcade PinballManual control
AstroblastNo small rocks
Basic ProgrammingScrambled line display
BasketballControl CPU player
BerzerkAvoiding Evil Otto
BerzerkRandom number display
BerzerkEvil Otto smashes through a wall
BerzerkHarmless shot
BerzerkShooting around the world
Breakaway IVUnlimited balls
BreakoutUnlimited balls
Bump 'n' JumpExtra car and points
Bump 'n' JumpContinue game play
Canyon BomberJoystick control
CarnivalProgrammer credit
CasinoInstant Win
CombatSpinning tanks
CombatTurbo tank
CombatTeleporting shot
CombatSuper shot
CombatSwitch tanks
CombatFlying tanks
Communist Mutants from SpaceProgrammer credit
Cosmic ArkDisable star field
Crazy ClimberBroken eggs
Crazy ClimberCrash opening song
Crazy ClimberPause game play
Crazy ClimberCycle sprite data
Dark ChambersPause game play
DefenderProgrammer credits
DefenderPlaying Tip
Demon AttackLast wave
Demon AttackStuck demon
Desert FalconProgrammer credits
Dig DugBonus points
DragonfireGive damage to next player
DragonfireRun backwards
DragonstomperProgrammer credits
DragonstomperHarmless traps
E.T. Book CartEaster Egg
E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialMother ship crash
E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialToo small mother ship
Fast EddieSelect ladder arrangement
Fast EddiePause game play
Fast EddieSelect maze color
FathomImagic address
FathomProgrammers' initials
FroggerTeleporting frog
G.I. Joe - Cobra StrikeProgrammer credits
GalaxianQuick shots
HalloweenAlternate head
Haunted HouseJuggling Not Recommended
Ice HockeyEasy Goal
Indy 500Alternate control
Indy 500Quick laps
Kaboom!Mad Bomber surprise
Kaboom!I Did That On Purpose
Kaboom!Follow The Bomber
KrullPersistent jumping sound
KrullBonus points
KrullEasy object collection
Laser BlastEndless Game
Laser BlastStay in position
Missile CommandExtra points
Missile CommandProgrammer credit
Mountain KingChange ladder and plateau parts
Mountain KingQuick scoring
Mountain KingHi-score Easily
Ms. Pac-ManDisappearing ghosts
Omega RaceAlternate controllers
Pac-ManMove through walls
Pac-ManUnlimited lives
Pete Rose BaseballEasy hit
Pitfall!Ladder jump
Planet PatrolNo random enemy bases
Poker PlusInstant Win
Pole PositionSlower braking
PopeyeLow pitched music
Q*bertUse What You've Got
Q*bertJump through enemies
Q*bertBreaking The Rules
Q*bertExtra points
RaceAlternate control
RaceQuick laps
Raiders of the Lost ArkProgrammer credit
Raiders of the Lost ArkBeat the Game
ReactorExtra points
RealSports BaseballEasy Homeruns
Riddle of the SphinxBeat the Game
SkiingEasy mode
Solar FoxHidden message
SolarisAll Must Pay
SolarisTime Those Shots
SolarisHome Is Where The High Score Is
SolarisBeat the Game
SolarisAn Advantageous Feature
SolarisWrap 'Em
Space InvadersDouble Trouble
Speedway IIQuick points
Spider FighterExtra points
StampedeSteer heads on score
Star RaidersNew rank
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackThe Emperor's Yellow Clothes
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackDouble points
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackThe Wile E. Coyote Look Of Surprise
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackCarried Over By Popular Demand
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackTemporary invincibility
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackTwo For The Price Of One
SteeplechaseControl two horses
Street RacerQuick points
Super BreakoutHitting Brick Sounds
Super Challenge BaseballWild pitches
Super Challenge BaseballLeave the infield
Super Challenge BaseballEasy home runs
Super FootballBoth teams celebrate
SupermanNon-Violent Plot
SupermanQuick win
SupermanStop And Smell The Bad Guys
SupermanEasy mode
SupermanThe Magic Blink
Survival IslandLoad third part of game
Survival IslandLoad second part of game
Tank PlusSwitch tanks
Tank PlusFlying tanks
Tank PlusSpinning tanks
Tank PlusTurbo tank
Tank PlusTeleporting shot
Tank PlusSuper shot
TapewormSelect first prize dot location
Tax AvoidersGlitched screen
TennisSuper Hit
Tunnel RunnerEmergency transport
Tunnel RunnerGlitched game
TurmoilPause game play
TurmoilChange maze color
TutankhamGlitch level
VanguardExtra invincibility
VanguardHint: Stripe Zone
Video ChessView CPU moves
Video PinballManual control
Video PinballDemonstration mode
Video PinballLower bonus points
VongImpossible Mode
XenophobePause game play
Yars' RevengeProgrammer credit