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Atari 2600 Boulder Dash® Announced
October 27, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Atari 2600 Boulder Dash® AnnouncedFollowing the recent release of their amazing Boulder Dash® playable demo, programmers Andrew Davie and Thomas Jentzsch, in association with publishers AtariAge and First Star Software, Inc, are very excited to announce that the original game in the Boulder Dash® series, Boulder Dash® Volume 1, will be available for purchase, exclusively from the AtariAge Store, in time for Christmas 2011!

Andrew Davie and Thomas Jentzsch have been working on this Atari 2600 port of Boulder Dash® for almost a decade. Together these two Atari 2600 veterans have used their insight and sophisticated knowledge about the Atari console to bring to life a faithful rendering of the classic, action-puzzle game (first released on the Atari 8-bit computer platform in 1984) from First Star Software, Inc. Game-play, sounds, and graphics have been faithfully reproduced, culminating in a game for the Atari 2600 unlike any previously seen.

Here's a video of the game showing the title screen and two full levels being played:

With the full cooperation of First Star Software, Inc., this title will finally be available on the 2600!

The game features exact implementations of all 16 caves and 4 intermissions of the original game, playable with 5 levels of difficulty, providing over 80 unique levels of challenging fun. The physics, sound, and graphics are as exact as possible on the Atari 2600, and the game-play and timing are exactly the same as in the original version of the game. In short, this is a not-to-be-missed masterpiece, available in a limited run of only 250 copies.

AtariAge and First Star Software, Inc. will be hosting a box and label design competition! Winners will receive a copy of the game signed by Andrew, Thomas, Albert, and Richard M. Spitalny (president of First Star Software, Inc.) . Keep watching AtariAge for announcements of the competition!

The game will be available only as a cartridge (with professionally printed box and manual) in time for Christmas 2011, with a purchase price of $75 USD. To ensure you receive a copy and to keep tabs on the release of Boulder Dash® for the 2600, please follow our Atari 2600 Forum!

Retrocade Magazine Now On Sale
October 26, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Retrocade Magazine Now On SaleThe premiere issue of Retrocade Magazine is available for digital download! 108 pages of classic gaming goodness by classic gamers for classic gamers. Here's what you'll find inside the premiere issue:
  • Event Coverage (CAGDC Contest at CA Extreme, the Richie Knucklez Invitational and the annual CAGDC 2011Tournament)
  • Computer Space: Coin-Op Finally Begins
  • The King Of 3 - Meet George Riley, the best Donkey Kong 3 player on the planet
  • Unlocking the Cage On Donkey Kong Junior
  • High Scores Arcade
  • The Old Warehouse At TNT Amusements
  • Out of the Box
  • An Excerpt From Tron and Robotron: 30 Years Of Classic Gaming (and Counting)
  • Destroying the Rings
  • Moon Cresta 7800 Review
  • Vector Pilot Review
  • Mario Bros.: How the Console Ports Stack Up
  • Reviews (Gulkave, Space Frenzy, Star Fortress)
  • Console War: Atari 2600 vs. Mattel Intellivision
  • And much more!
You can learn more and purchase Retrocade Magazine over at Stone Age Gamer.

Candy Catcher 2600 Homebrew
October 19, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Candy Catcher 2600 HomebrewCandy Catcher is a new homebrew game being released for the Atari 2600. The game has been programmed by Grant Thienemann, Disjaukifa on the AtariAge Forums, and is being released as a fun game for the halloween season. Candy Catcher was programmed using Batari Basic and is only 4K in size. Here is a description of the game:

"The Candy Catch event at your Halloween Block Party has just begun. Armed with only your trusty pumpkin bucket, you'll need to catch as much candy as you can in the hopes of ensuring neighborhood bragging rights (and some cavities!) But beware of the wind-up robot toys zipping across the sidewalks. Get hit by one, and you're eliminated!"

Grant is now taking pre-orders for both the Limited Text Label version costing only $20 shipped in the US and for the Cartridge, Manual and Box version featuring label and box artwork created by Brian Ostrowski, Brian O on our forums, for only $35 shipped in the US.

For more information about ordering please visit the Candy Catcher Pre-Order thread in our Marketplace Forum.

GUIntv Version 2.0 Released
October 18, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

GUIntv Version 2.0 ReleasedVersion 2.0 of GUIntv has been released. GUIntv is a graphical frontend for the Mac version of jzintv. It runs alongside jzintv and provides standard controls like buttons and menus that every Mac user is familiar with. After some initial setup, GUIntv will launch and configure jzintv automatically. Just click and play.?

Jzintv is a Mattel Intellivision emulator by Joe Zbiciak that lets you play classic Intellivision games from the ‘70s and ‘80s on a modern computer. Originally written for Linux, jzintv has been ported to many other systems including Apple's OS X. Although Jzintv is the best Intellivision emulator for OS X, it is still basically a Unix application, and until now, the only way to use it has been to type commands in the Terminal. Because jzintv is so "un-Mac like", it is inconvenient for many users, and often difficult for newcomers to get started with.

The current version of GUIntv requires OS X 10.6 and higher, but the original Applescript version will work with older versions of OS X and Power PC systems.

Retrogaming Times Monthly - October 2011
October 1, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Retrogaming Times Monthly - October 2011The October 2011 issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly issue is now available for viewing! Here's what's in this month's issue:
  • Your Mom Was Wrong! - Playing Video Games IS Healthy For You!
  • Retrogaming Turntable - Pac-Man Fever
  • Retro Collecting 101 - Getting Seemingly Broken Cartridges To Work
  • Gaming Tetralogies - The Super Mario Bros Series
  • MAME Reviews - Blaster
  • Commodore Du Jour - The Castles Of Dr. Creep
  • Apple II Incider - Mystery House
  • Vectrexenstein - WebWars
  • Dual Perspective - Castlevania
  • NES'cade - Chiller
  • The Pixelated Mage - Splatterhouse 2
  • Pixelated 21st Century
  • More!
You can read these articles and more inside the Retrogaming Times Monthly, now running 168 months in a row! You can also browse the RTM archives to catch up on past issues.

2011 Portland Retro Gaming Expo
September 12, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

2011 Portland Retro Gaming ExpoThe 2011 Portland Retro Gaming Expo will be held on the weekend of September 24-25, 2011 at the Doubletree Hotel in Portland, Oregon. This year's show features a new venue that will allow more space this year for vendors, arcade games and speakers! The PRGE organizers are very excited to announce that their main speakers this year will include David Crane, Garry Kitchen and Tod Frye.

David Crane is one of the most successful designers of entertainment software in the world. He co-founded Activision and programmed many of the finest videogames of the time. Some of the many mega-hit games he has designed include Pitfall, Pitfall II, Dragster, Fishing Derby, Laser Blast, Freeway, Grand Prix, Ghostbusters, and A Boy and His Blob(NES). Garry Kitchen was a leading pioneer in the videogame industry with a career in interactive entertainment spanning over 30 years. Some of his most notable early works in the videogame industry include programming the 2600 port of Donkey Kong and making Keystone Kapers, which was nominated for videogame of the year in 1983. Tod Frye started as a video game programmer in the classic Atari 2600 days. He produced several games with some never being released. Tod Frye is most remembered for programming Pac-Man for the Atari 2600.

Here is your chance to meet and talk to these great programmers and much more at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. You can discuss the show in our Events Forum with PRGE staff and AtariAge members.

Secret Santa Returns to AtariAge
September 10, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Secret Santa Returns to AtariAgeThe most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us. A time to share with, family, friends, and now the community here on the AtariAge Forums. If you are good natured and wish to enjoy some lighthearted holiday fun, please join us for the AtariAge Secret Santa gift exchange. Members who've joined on or before August 1st, 2011 can sign up in the Secret Santa 2011 thread. A series of questions will then be sent via private message. Participants will be randomly assigned one person to send a special gift based on their recipient's answers. In return they will receive a gift from another Secret Santa. The deadline for signing up this year is November 10th. Don't be selfish, be ELFish! Hope to see you there!

Southern California Classic Collectors Party October 1st
September 7, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Southern California Classic Collectors Party October 1stSC3 (Southern California Classic Collectors) and Nucleus Gallery today announced they will host the latest SC3 arcade party Saturday, October 1, 2011 from noon to midnight. SC3 will bring over 30 arcade machines representing video gaming’s “Golden Age” to the gallery floor for 12 hours of nonstop play. A dozen vintage home consoles, including the Atari 2600, Intellivision, Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis, will be set up with plenty of games.

SC3 has been hosting vintage video game-themed events at various Southern California locations for over ten years. The October 1 event marks the group’s second outing at Nucleus Gallery. "We’re very pleased to be back at Nucleus," says SC3 organizer Steve Hertz. "Well over 200 people attended our previous event back in March. We’re looking forward to an even larger crowd in October."

Live music, featuring 8-bit and chiptune artists 8 Bit Weapon, ComputeHer and virt, will begin late in the evening. Video game auctioneer will be present to raffle off vintage gaming items. Traditional SC3 attractions, including '80s music and videos, a video game trading room, and live "Rock Band" competitions will also appear.

Admission to the event is $10 for those who pre-register online or $15 at the door. To buy tickets, visit You can visit the SC3 website here.

Retrogaming Times Monthly - September 2011
September 6, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Retrogaming Times Monthly - September 2011The September 2011 issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly issue is now available for viewing! Here's what's in this month's issue:
  • Apple II Incider - Steve Jobs: The End Of An Era
  • Retro Collecting 101 - Hunting Treasures In A Foreign Land
  • Gaming Tetralogies - The Legend Of Zelda Series
  • Standalone Spew - The Battle For Football's Second-Best
  • MAME Reviews - Radar Scope
  • Commodore Du Jour - Heart Of Africa
  • NES'cade - Dig-Dug II
  • Dual Perspective - Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
  • The Pixelated Mage - Jet Grind Radio
  • A Pixelated 21st Century
  • + More!
You can read these articles and more inside the Retrogaming Times Monthly, now running 168 months in a row! You can also browse the RTM archives to catch up on past issues.

Atari's Greatest Hits for iPhone/iPad
May 2, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Atari's Greatest Hits for iPhone/iPadAtari recently released Atari's Greatest Hits for the iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad), featuring 100 classic Atari 2600 and arcade games. Developed by Code Mystics, this collection includes 92 Atari 2600 games and 18 Atari arcade games that you can play on the go. Atari's Greatest Hits also includes Bluetooth support for head-to-head play with some games, such as Pong and Warlords. You can also browse a gallery of memorabilia for the arcade games and view scans of the original Atari 2600 manuals. The free app includes the Pong arcade game, but you will need to purchase additional games inside the app (bundles are available for 99 cents or $14.99 for all 100 games).

You can download Atari's Greatest Hits in iTunes for your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. To discuss Atari's Greatest Hits with Code Mystics founder Jeff Vavasour and fellow AtariAge members please visit our Atari 2600 Forum.

Reboot Releases Downfall Jaguar Game
April 17, 2011
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Reboot Releases Downfall Jaguar GameThe Atari Jaguar developers Reboot of JagWare have announced the release of Downfall, a freely available game for the Atari Jaguar game console. The game was unveiled at the AC 2011 party in France this past weekend. Downfall is inspired by the games Spike Goes Down (Vectrex) and Man Goes Down (Atari 2600), both created by Alex Herbert.

The object of Downfall is to guide your character through a never-ending chasm on a series of platforms, carefully avoiding rising above or dropping below the viewable area of the screen. Reboot have released the game free for download in ROM, BJL, and CDI format. The source code to the game is also freely available to download from the Downfall website.

Atari User Magazine Issue #2
October 25, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Atari User Magazine Issue #2Atari User is a new online Atari magazine covering all Atari consoles and home computers systems. Atari User promises to bring you vital coverage of all the latest Atari related news including exciting new homebrew hardware modifications for your Atari systems and hot new games. Features include reviews of all the original Atari hardware as well as from third party manufacturers and extensive coverage of emulation with an ultimate goal to get you to play Atari today, and everyday. The second issue of Atari User magazine includes the following articles:
  • A look at the Atari Coldfire Project and their new Atari ST Compatible computer with an interview with their project coordinator
  • Exclusive Show Report from JAGFEST UK
  • Kieren Hawken begins his quest for lost Atari Lynx Games
  • We celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary with a look at the different Atari versions of the game
  • Joust Head to Head: Which Atari version is the best?
  • Making Music on the Atari XL/XE
  • Basic Programming On The Atari 2600
  • Atari's DOS 2.5 Reviewed
  • Part 2 of our Atari ST: The Story series
  • Reviewed: Pick N' Pile, Hat Trick and Jinks
To learn more about Atari User magazine, please visit their website at where you'll find details on how to purchase the magazine. Current issues are $3.95, or you can subscribe and receive 12 issues for $33. You'll also find a free preview you can download so you can sample Atari User before you buy.

RetroGaming RoundUp 24 - October 2010
October 7, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

RetroGaming RoundUp 24 - October 2010The October 2010 episode of the RetroGaming RoundUp podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. The RetroGaming RoundUp is a monthly podcast that features a wide variety of classic gaming news, opinions and views from around the world. This month's podcast features a two hour interview with Ted Dabney, one of Atari's two co-founders, and is full of new information as it pertains to the birth of Atari and the Computer Space arcade game. Highlights in this month's podcast include:
  • Editorial
  • Breaking News!
  • Hardware Flashback
  • Guinness Gaming Records
  • Mike'd Up
  • Ted Dabney Interview
  • Atar Rewind
  • The Desert Dump
  • Top Ten Atari Arcade Games
  • Gaming Trivia
  • News And Mailbag
  • URLS And Emails
You can download the October 2010 podcast as well as listen to any RetroGaming Roundups you may have missed in their archive.

Retrogaming Times Monthly October 2010
October 4, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Retrogaming Times Monthly October 2010The Halloween Retrogaming Times Monthly issue is now out! Don't get too scared though! Here's what's in this issue:
  • Vectrexenstein - Berzerk
  • Apple II Incider - Transylvania
  • Dual Perspective - Ghosts 'n Goblins
  • Mutated Output: Lame Anniversaries & Geek Role-Playing
  • The Homebrew Sleuth: Star Strike
  • A Pixelated 21st Century!
  • And More!
You can read these articles and more inside the Retrogaming Times Monthly, now running 157 months in a row! You can also browse the RTM archives to catch up on past issues.

Classic Gamer Magazine Returns
October 2, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Classic Gamer Magazine ReturnsThe original is back! The editors of Classic Gamer Magazine are pleased to announce the release of the magazine's latest free issue. Packed with 56 pages celebrating gaming's past, articles include:
  • The Pac-Man Legacy
  • Classic Gaming Expo 2010
  • SNES vs. Genesis
  • Angry Birds review
  • 3D Dot Heroes Review
  • Arcade on the PSP
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. CGM
  • 5 Games Worse Than E.T.
  • Classics vs. Remakes
  • and much more...
Classic Gamer Magazine is available as a free PDF -- perfect for viewing on your iPad -- at, and is freely distributable under a Creative Commons license.

Atari 7800 Expansion Module Pre-Ordering
September 30, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Atari 7800 Expansion Module Pre-OrderingLegacy Engineering is now accepting pre-orders for their upcoming Atari 7800 Expansion Module. The 7800 Expansion Module sits on top of the 7800 console and expands the system's capabilities in the following ways:
  • Built in High Score keeping capability (compatible with approximately 20 existing titles and any HSC coded games/programs in the future)
  • 128K of Program Available Memory
  • POKEY audio/interfacing IC Chip for enhanced audio/voice synthesis and I/O Interfacing capabilities
  • 2nd Audio Processor for higher end Arcade sound effects and music
  • SIO (Serial I/O) Port for potential future use of Atari 8bit computer peripherals such as Disk Drives, Printers and Modems
  • 15 PIN Port for potential future use with a detachable computer keyboard
  • Will come professionally boxed in original Silver styled "Atari XL" type box with extensive User Guide and Technical Data manuals
The special pre-order price is $89.99 and will go back up to $99.99 after November 30th. Shipments are expected to take place at the end of November. You can learn more by visiting the 7800 Expansion Module pre-order page, and discuss the pre-ordering in our Atari 7800 Forum.

Colecovision Ultimate SD Cartridge
September 29, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Colecovision Ultimate SD Cartridge Steven Tucker of Atarimax has announced that pre-ordering is available for the Colecovision Ultimate SD cartridge. The Ultimate SD is an SRAM based Multi-Cart for the Colecovision and includes:
  • 50 MIPS onboard CPU
  • Reprogrammable hardware logic
  • 512KB of SRAM
  • 128KB of onboard FLASH
The kit includes the following:
  • Atarimax Colecovision Ultimate SD Cartridge
  • 32MB SD Card
  • Menu Software (Pre-loaded and ready to use on SD Card)
  • Firmware Upgrades and Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty
As a bonus everyone who orders the Ultimate SD Cartridge will receive digital versions of the two CollectorVision games Mario Brothers and Mr. Chin. Pre-orders are being accepted now for a run of 100 cartridges. You can view photos and pre-ordering information at

Houston Arcade Expo - October 8th/9th
September 8, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Houston Arcade Expo - October 8th/9thThe Houston Area Arcade Group (HAAG) is holding their annual Houston Arcade Expo on October 8th and 9th at the Houston Northwest Crowne Plaza. Admission is $30 for a weekend pass or $20 for a single day, and discounts are available if you buy your tickets in advance. Admission gains you free-play access to over 200 classic and current coin-op pinball machines, video arcade games, penny arcades, and console video games. There will be tournaments, events, music and workshops to keep the young and young at heart entertained. Speakers include Dan Ferguson (Lone Star Pinball Museum) on the History of Pinball, Ken Graham (former Williams Programmer), Retro Pinball talking shop about their new pinball and many more. You can also participate in the free swap meet, repair clinics, win door prizes, enter the raffle to win an arcade game, and take advantage of the concessions and full bar.

AtariAge will be at the show, and we'll have a slew of classic gaming systems setup for play! There aren't many opportunities to enjoy large collections of classic arcade games, so if you are in the Houston area (or can get there!), you should be at this expo! For more information, please visit

Retrogaming Times Monthly - September 2010
September 6, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Retrogaming Times Monthly - September 2010The September 2010 issue of Retrogaming Times Montnly is now on-line. Here is what's happening this month:
  • Redefining Retro One More Time
  • Show Report -- 2010 Big Bang
  • Retrogaming Smackdown
  • Apple II Incider - Oregon Trail
  • Gaming Studies With The Tomy Tutor - Traffic Jam
  • Dual Perspective - Dragon Warrior
  • Mutated Output: Triumphs & Perils Of Rush-Deadline Programming
  • The Homebrew Sleuth: King's Quest I VGA
  • A Pixelated 21st Century!
  • +More!
You can read these articles and more inside the Retrogaming Times Monthly, now running 156 months in a row! You can also browse the RTM archives to catch up on past issues.

Portland Retro Gaming Expo - September 18-19
August 31, 2010
Posted by Albert Discuss | Submit News

Portland Retro Gaming Expo - September 18-19The 2010 Portland Retro Gaming Expo is slated to take place September 18th and 19th in Portland, Oregon at the Portland Crowne Plaza Hotel. The Portland Retro Gaming Expo is an annual exhibition of classic video games and systems, whose aim is to recognize the history of video game systems and their authors, manufacturers and players. You'll find a wide variety of game consoles and arcade games to play, tournaments to compete in, games to buy, sell and trade from a variety of vendors, talks with gaming celebrities, raffles, a cosplay contest, and more!

Last year's show was a great success and event organizers have made several changes to make this year's show even better! A second room has been secured, bringing the show to a total size of nearly 8,500 square feet of retro gaming goodness, an increase of 2,700 square feet. Last year's event was a single day--this year's will cover Saturday AND Sunday, giving you more time to satiate your classic gaming fix! For more information, please visit the official Portland Retro Gaming Expo site. You can also discuss the show in our Events Forum.

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