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Atari 2600Rarity Guide

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TitleCompanyLabel RarityReg TV CartManBoxROMShot
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris SuperkicksXonoxDouble Ender 
Artillery Duel/Ghost ManorXonoxDouble Ender  
Artillery Duel/Spike's PeakXonoxDouble Ender  
Artillery Duel/Super Kung FuXonoxDouble Ender    
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost ManorXonoxDouble Ender  
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Spike's PeakXonoxDouble Ender  
Ghost Manor/Spike's PeakXonoxDouble Ender 
Robin Hood / Sir LancelotXonoxDouble Ender  
Robin Hood / Super Kung FuXonoxDouble Ender  
Tomarc the Barbarian/Motocross RacerXonoxDouble Ender  
Dice PuzzlePandaEnd Label Only
ExocetPandaEnd Label Only
Scuba DiverPandaEnd Label Only
Sea HawkPandaEnd Label Only 
StuntmanPandaEnd Label Only 
Bobby is Going HomeBit CorpEnglish    
Dancing PlateBit CorpEnglish    
Mission 3000 A.D.Bit CorpEnglish     
Mr. PostmanBit CorpEnglish     
Phantom TankBit CorpEnglish     
Snail Against SquirrelBit CorpEnglish   
Space TunnelBit CorpEnglish     
My WayUnknownFantastic Game    
Bobby Geht HeimBit CorpGerman    
Mission 3000Bit CorpGerman    
Open, Sesame!Bit CorpGerman    
Phantom PanzerBit CorpGerman    
Schnecke Und EichhörnchenBit CorpGerman    
See MonsterBit CorpGerman    
Sesam, Offne DichBit CorpGerman    
Tanzende TellerBit CorpGerman    
Weltraum-TunnelBit CorpGerman    
BlueprintCBS ElectronicsGerman Color    
CarnivalCBS ElectronicsGerman Color    
GorfCBS ElectronicsGerman Color    
SmurfCBS ElectronicsGerman Color    
VentureCBS ElectronicsGerman Color    
Wizard of WorCBS ElectronicsGerman Color    
G.I. Joe - Cobra StrikeParker BrothersGray
Buck Rogers: Planet of ZoomSegaGrip Case
Congo BongoSegaGrip Case
Spy HunterSegaGrip Case
Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorSegaGrip Case
Sub ScanSegaGrip Case
Tac-ScanSegaGrip Case 
TapperSegaGrip Case
ThundergroundSegaGrip Case
HalloweenWizard VideoNo Label
Alligator People20th Century Fox  Manual iconBox icon
Lasercade20th Century Fox   Box icon
Meltdown20th Century Fox  Manual iconBox icon
Pick Up20th Century Fox  Manual iconBox icon
Planet of the Apes20th Century Fox  Manual iconBox icon
Save the Whales20th Century Fox  Manual iconBox icon
The Entity20th Century Fox  Manual iconBox icon
Demmon AttackAction Games     
River RaidAction Games     
Bank HeistAction Hi-Tech      
Cosmic Free FireAction Hi-Tech     
Crab ControlAction Hi-Tech      
Space GridAction Hi-Tech     
Bloody Human FreewayActivision  Manual iconBox icon
KabobberActivision  Box icon
ThwockerActivision Manual iconBox icon
Unknown Game #1Activision Manual iconBox icon
Unknown Game #2Activision Manual iconBox icon
Venetian Blinds DemoActivision  Manual iconBox icon
Off Your RockerAmiga Box icon
Surf's UpAmiga Manual iconBox icon
ConfrontationAnswer Software  Manual iconBox icon
GauntletAnswer Software 
MalagaiAnswer Software 
KyphusApollo   Box icon
PompeiiApollo  Manual icon
SquooshApollo  Manual iconBox icon
4-in-1Apple Vision      
4-in-1Apple Vision      
4-in-1Apple Vision      
4 in 1Argevision     
Angeln IAriola      
Catch TimeAriola     
Criminal PursuitAriola     
Dragon DefenderAriola     
Farmyard FunAriola     
Hole HunterAriola     
Krieg der SterneAriola     
FrankensteinArte Vision      
FrostbiteArte Vision      
32 in 1Atari  
A-TeamAtari Manual iconBox icon
Action PakAtari     

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What do the Rarity Index numbers mean?
Very Rare  
Very Rare+  
Extremely Rare  
Unbelievably Rare