The Magicard is a programming tool for the Atari 2600 cartridge produced by CommaVid. The Magicard was produced in very limited numbers, making it a much sought after cartridge for 2600 collectors. Included with the Magicard was a comprehensive manual describing how to use the Magicard to produce programs for the 2600, along with several example programs you could type in.

To save you from having to type these example programs in, we've put together some binaries that you can run in emulators that support the Magicard's unique cartridge format. To run these binaries in an emulator you'll need either z26 (version 1.55 or later) or Stella (version 1.2 or later). You can also use a Cuttle Cart if you have one (which allows you to use real keypad controllers), but you'll need to make sure you have Playbin version 2.2 or later which you can download here.

Download Magicard Sample Programs

Once you have these binaries loaded, you'll need to know the starting address of each:

Example 1: F100
Example 2: F100
Example 3: F100
Example 4: F200
Example 5: F15E

To type in a starting address of F100 with the left (L) and right (R) keyboard controller, you have to press:

R6 L1 L0 L0 R# R0 L1 SELECT

Using z26 that translates as follows:

e 7 , , c x 7 F2

For more information on what these programs do, you can take a look in the manual scan we have online. Here are links to the appropriate sections in the Magicard manual:

Example 1 - Display of Character Set
Example 2 - Memo Pad
Example 3 - Target Practice
Example 4 - Generating Your Own Display
Example 5 - Life