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This gallery highlights the fabric patches that Activision offered for achieving high scores on their games.  Contestants were instructed to photograph their TV with the high score showing and mail it in, and Activision would send back a patch.  Today, these are highly collectible items.  In case you were wondering, Activision does not have any of these patches left today, so don't send them your high scores.  Really.

All patches have the name Activision atop (or otherwise set off) on the patch save for those where the name is listed and the higher level patches for Laser Blast and Starmaster.  This table only includes the 2600 Activision patches - patches were also made for the 5200, Intellivision, and Colecovision.  Some of those patches are identical, some are different.  Not all Activision games offered patches, only those listed here.

Click on any patch for a larger picture.

Cartridge Patch Picture Score Needed Style/Name
Barnstorming Barnstorming Flying Aces 33.3 seconds/game 1
51.0 seconds/game 2
54.0 seconds/game 3
Flying Aces
Beamrider Beamrider 60,000 pts. & Sector 20 Top Part of Moon
Chopper Command Chopper Commandos 10,000 pts. Chopper Commandos
Crackpots Crackpots 75,000 pts. Crackpots
Decathlon Decathlon Bronze 8,600 pts. Bronze
  Decathlon Silver 9,000 pts. Silver
  Decathlon Gold 10,000 pts. Gold
Dolphin Friends of the Dolphin 80,000 pts. Friends of the Dolphin
  Secret Society of the Dolphins 300,000 pts. Secret Society of the Dolphins
Dragster World Class Dragster Club 6.0 seconds World Class Dragster Club
Enduro Enduro Roadbusters Survive 5 game days Roadbusters
Freeway Save the Chicken Foundation 20 pts/game 3 or 7 Save the Chicken Foundation
Frostbite Frostbite Bailey's Arctic Architects 40,000 pts. Frostbite Bailey's Arctic Architects
Grand Prix Grand Prix Driving Team 1:00/game 2
1:30/game 3
2:30/game 4
Grand Prix Driving Team
H.E.R.O. H.E.R.O. 75,000 pts. Round
Ice Hockey All Star Hockey Team Beat the Computer All-Star Hockey Team
Kabobber ? Kabashers - this is a modern patch designed by Dave Giarusso. Activision never actually created this patch.
Kaboom! Kaboom Bucket Brigade 3,000 pts. Activision Bucket Brigade
Keystone Kapers Keystone Kapers Billy Club 35,000 pts. Badge shaped
Laser Blast Federation of Laser Blasters 100,000 pts. Federation of Laser Blasters
  Laser Blasters 1,000,000 Stripe 1,000,000 pts. 1,000,000 Stripe
Megamania Megamaniacs 45,000 pts. Megamaniacs
Oink! Oink! Oinkers 25,000 pts. Round
Pitfall! Explorers Club 20,000 pts. Explorer's Club
Pitfall II Cliff Hangers 99,000 pts. Cliff Hangers
Plaque Attack Plaque Attack 35,000 pts. Rounded Hexagon
Pressure Cooker Pressure Cooker 45,000 pts. Fan shaped
Private Eye Private Eye Solve Case 3 Round
River Raid River Raiders 15,000 pts. River Raiders
Robot Tank Robot Tank Medal of Honor 4 Squadrons/48 Tanks Medal
  Robot Tank Cross of Excellence 5 Squadrons/60 Tanks Medal
  Star of Honor 6 Squadrons/72 Tanks Medal
Seaquest Activision Sub Club 50,000 pts. Bullet shaped
Skiing Official Memeber Activision Ski Team 28.2 seconds/game 3 Official Member Activision Ski Team
Sky Jinks Sky Stars 37.0 seconds/game 1 Activision Sky Stars
Space Shuttle Space Shuttle Pilot 4 or 5 missions with 4500 Space Shuttle Pilot
  Space Shuttle Commander 6 missions with 7500 Space Shuttle Commander
Spider Fighter Spider Fighters 40,000 pts. Spider Fighter
Stampede Trail Drive 3,000 pts. Trail Drive
Starmaster Starmaster Patches - 3,800 pts./game 1
- Order of the Supreme Starmaster
  Starmaster Chevrons - 5,700 pts./game 2
- 7,600 pts./game 3
- 9,000 pts./game 4
- Leader
- Wing Commander
- Starmaster
Tennis Tennis Win one set vs. computer Tennis

 Thanks to Rick Weis and Lee Krueger for supplying us with most of these patch images.