Space Treat Deluxe Source Code

Atari 2600 programmer Fabrizio Zavagli has made available the source code and binaries to Space Treat Deluxe, an improved version of his earlier Space Treat release. In Space Treat Deluxe, you control a ship that must reach the top of the screen, collect the tasty treat located there, and get it back to its base at the bottom. This new version adds several improvements to the original, including:

  • Scoring
  • Hi-Score feature
  • More stable graphics
  • 7800 compatibility
  • Wider emulators compatibility
  • Various cosmetic and audio improvements

The source code below provides valuable insight into what it takes to code a successful Atari 2600 homebrew game. The current source compiles to both NTSC and PAL with a compile switch, and the PAL version can be toggled between 50hz and 60hz mode on the fly using the right difficulty switch. We thank Fabrizio for making this source available so others may benefit from his experience.

Download the Space Treat Deluxe Source Code and Binaries:

Please visit Fabrizio Zavagli's homepage at to learn more about Rasty's Atari and other projects.

Space Treat Deluxe Cartridge

Space Treat Deluxe Screenshots