Version 1.0
Last Updated on 9/19/00
Written By Kristine Roper
E-Mail Address: Kathara @ AOL.COM

- Introduction
- Game Overview
- The Controls
- The Rooms
- The Items
- Bad Guys and Other Folks
- The Solution
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Map


Hi, thanks for taking the time to check out my Raiders FAQ. My name's Kristine 
and, like you, I love classic video games. I've written this because I've 
noticed that a real FAQ (not to mention the solution) doesn't exist for this 
game anywhere on the web (well, not on Gamefaqs at least ;)  ). So I figured, 
what the heck, let's give it a shot. If you happen to notice any major mistakes 
or omissions please e-mail me and let me know about it. 

Oh, and as for all that copyright stuff, feel free to include this faq anywhere 
you like, as long as it's fully intact, you give me credit for it, and you don't 
try to sell it without getting ahold of me first.  There, that wasn't so bad, 
now was it? :)


Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of the first true adventure console games. Other 
games had the player finding objects and using them for some purpose, but 
Raiders allowed the player to carry several items and to figure out when and 
where to use them. It also featured some puzzle elements not seen before, 
especially not in a 2600 game.  Whether you loved it or you thought it was the 
biggest piece of video game garbage in existance, you can't deny that it holds a 
place of importance in video game history. 

The game's plot basically follows the plot of the movie. You are Indiana Jones, 
and it's your mission to discover the lost Ark of the Covenant. You will use 
several objects, travel through several rooms, and solve a few puzzles along the 
way. (And if you're really lucky, you can do this all in one shot.) The Ark is 
located in a different place for every game, so it has some replay value.

Indy has three lives to accomplish his goal. When all three of his lives are 
spent, the game ends (and the easiest way to die is by falling, so watch your 
step). The game also ends when the Ark is found.

Points are earned by succeeding in certain tasks, and are taken away when you 
fail (like, oh, when you die).  When your game ends you'll see Indy standing on 
a pedastal. The closer Indy is to the top of your screen, the higher your score 
is. If your score is high enough, you'll see Howard Scott Warsaw's initials 
appear in your inventory. I'll explain how to get it later.


If you picked up this game at a garage sale without any instructions you're 
probably wondering if you got a busted game because you can't make Indy move. 
Well, that's because Raiders is a screwy game, control-wise. You need to plug in 
two joysticks. The right joystick (instead of the left one) controls Indy's 
movement and uses objects. The left joystick selects objects to be used and 
drops them.  Look at the list below for more details.

MOVE INDY: Use right joystick

SELECT AN ITEM: Push left joystick left or right - a small dot will appear under 
each object.  Move the dot under the object you wish to use.

DROP AN ITEM: Select it then push the left joystick button. Some items can be 
found again once dropped, but others are gone forever, so be careful.

USE AN ITEM: Select it and push the right joystick button.  See "The Items" for 
descriptions on exactly how to use each item.

The difficulty and game select switches do nothing. The color/b & w switch 
changes the game from color to black & white. Reset starts the game over. 

When the game is first turned on (or when reset is pushed), you'll see Indy be 
lowered on a pedastal. Once he's at the bottom push the right joystick button to 
start the game.


Indy will travel through many rooms in the game. Some contain useful items, some 
contain traps, and some are just, well, there. Below is a description of each of 
the rooms and what each contains.

ENTRANCE ROOM: This is the room you begin the game in. You'll see a rock, a 
snake, and Indy's whip (yep, that's the big red thing under the rock.)

MARKETPLACE: Here you can buy a few items for your journey, including a flute 
and a parachute. Three baskets are also here, but touching a basket sends a 
snake after you. (The flute is near the top and the parachute is near the bottom 
of the screen). 

TEMPLE ENTRANCE: This is a green room with four doorways. The timepiece is 
located right in the middle (it's that green thing that looks like a lopsided 

SPIDER ROOM: A big spider and a swarm of tsetse flies are located here. The 
spider shoots webs at you and the flies try to attack you too. Not a good room 
to be in. No items here either.

ROOM OF THE SHINING LIGHT: This is a very annoying room. It has blue walls and 
two "dungeons" in the bottom corners. A pulsating light is in the center of the 
room. When you first enter you'll be put into one of the dungeons, and you'll 
need to use your whip or gun to shoot the walls and escape. But once you're out, 
you have to avoid touching the walls or the light or else you'll be sent back 
into a dungeon and start again.

TREASURE ROOM: This room is solid black except for some gold sitting in the 
middle. Grabbing the gold sends a snake after you, but one of three treasures 
also appears. You can either take the treasure or leave it. You can also keep 
grabbing gold by exiting the room and reentering. NOTE: If you take a treasure, 
when you leave the room you'll be sent into a dungeon, so don't drop the whip or 
gun if you're being greedy for gold. (Of course, you can get around this...)

MESA FIELD: This is a very large room (probably the largest in the game). 
Several yellow "mesas" in various shapes dot the room, and it's probably more 
annoying than the Room of the Shining Light. See that little dot spinning around 
you? That's a grappling hook. Push the right joystick up and down to make its 
arc wider or narrower. Now here's the fun part. You need to push the right 
joystick's fire button when the dot is over a yellow mesa. Doing so will send 
Indy directly to that mesa. If you miss, or if you happen to walk off a mesa 
onto the blue area, you'll fall into the Valley of Poison and die. So be 
careful, ok?

VALLEY OF POISON: This is where you end up if you fall off a mesa. It has the 
same layout as the mesa field, except the colors are icky greens and you've got 
bad guys after you now. Tsetse flies and the Man in Black are here, so you need 
to quickly find a way to escape. Also, the "mesas" here are actually bogs, and 
they'll slow you down greatly if you try to walk through them.

SIDE OF MESA: Oh, when you fell off the mesa, did you see that big tree branch 
with the gaping hole underneath? Might be something interesting in there...

THIEVES' DEN: There's no mention of this room in the instruction manual, so I 
just decided to call it the Thieves' Den because, well, the room is loaded with 
thieves. The room is solid black, with "bars" that block off your view of some 
parts of the room. Several black thieves run back and forth in horizontal lines, 
and if Indy touches one of them he loses an item. (And since this room appears 
near the very end you don't want to lose ANYTHING!)

MAP ROOM: This room contains a map of the mesa field in the center of the 
screen. Two thin strips of yellow form the sides of it and walking off the strip 
will cause you to fall just as if you fell off a mesa. Underneath the map will 
be a box. You can enter it if you use a certain item, but once inside, be very 
careful where you stand because if you're not in the right spot when you 
deselect that item, you'll fall.

WELL OF SOULS: This is it, the last room. At the bottom of the screen is a mound 
of dirt, and thieves are running around here as well. Just start digging in the 
dirt and, if you've found the correct location of the Ark, you've won the game. 
If not, you'll fall into the Valley of Poison and have to try again.

BLACK MARKET: Similar to the Marketplace but has darker colors, only one basket, 
different items, and, as the instruction manual calls it, a Raving Lunatic on 
the left side of the screen. You can buy bullets and a shovel here.

I've included a map towards the end of this FAQ.


Your inventory appears at the bottom of the screen. Push the left joystick left 
and right to highlight an object, and push the left joystick button to drop the 
item or push the right joystick button to use it. Some items are considered to 
be in use just by having them highlighted.  You may only carry a maximum of six 
items at a time, so choose your gear wisely.

Items are listed in this format:

ITEM: The name of the item
LOCATION: Where you can find it
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): What it looks like on the screen
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): What it looks like in your inventory
USE: What it's good for
HOW TO USE: How to use it

(Don't say I didn't warn ya.)
ITEM: Whip
LOCATION: Entrance Room
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): A long red angular line
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): Slightly resembles a backwards capital "R"
USE: Killing snakes, breaking through the walls of the dungeon
HOW TO USE: Highlight the whip. While moving, push the right joystick button. 
You should see a dot fly out a short distance from you.

ITEM: Flute
LOCATION: Marketplace
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): A yellow diagonal flute located under the black sheik
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): A horizontal flute
USE: Immunity to both snakes and tsetse flies
HOW TO USE: You should hear music when it's highlighted. As long as the music is 
playing, snakes won't kill you and flies won't paralyze you either.

ITEM: Grenade
LOCATION: A basket in the Marketplace, the basket in the Black Market
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): It looks pretty much like a grenade
USE: Gain access to the Temple Entrance
HOW TO USE: Highlight the grenade and put Indy next to whatever you want to blow 
up. Push the right joystick button and run like hell to the next room. If you're 
too slow you'll get caught in the explosion and die.

LOCATION: A basket in the Marketplace
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): Looks just like a key
USE: Gain access to the box in the Map Room
HOW TO USE: As long as the key is highlighted, the box in the Map Room will be 
open for you, and you won't fall while inside.

LOCATION: A basket in the Marketplace
USE: Similar to the whip, except its range covers the whole screen
HOW TO USE: Just like the whip, highlight the gun and push the right joystick 
button while moving. The only difference is that is has a longer range and a 
limited amount of times it can be used (six times to be exact). Buy bullets in 
the Black Market to refill your shots.

ITEM: Medallion
LOCATION: A basket in the Marketplace (see "The Solution" below)
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): A diamond with a dot in the center
USE: Use in the Map Room to reveal the location of the ark
HOW TO USE: While in the Map Room, highlight it when the sun rises to see one of 
the mesas flash. That flashing mesa contains the Ark.

ITEM: Parachute
LOCATION: Under the white sheik at the Marketplace
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): A light blue square with a white "cross" in the middle
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): A square with a "cross" in the middle
USE: To prevent killing yourself if you happen to fall off a mesa
HOW TO USE: While falling, quickly highlight the parachute and push the right 
joystick button. The chute will open and you'll drift to the ground. Once on 
land, push the left joystick button to drop it so you can move again.

ITEM: Timepiece
LOCATION: Temple Entrance
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): A green lopsided backwards "L"
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): A box with a handle on top
USE: Shows you the current time
HOW TO USE: Highlight the timepiece and hold the right joystick button. It'll 
change into a clock face, showing you what time it is.

ITEM: Gold
LOCATION: Treasure Room
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): A group of dashes in the center of the screen
USE: Use to buy items at the Marketplace and Black Market
HOW TO USE: Stand on an item and DROP (not use!) the gold. The item you want 
should replace it.

ITEM: Ankh
LOCATION: Treasure Room
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): Looks like an Egyptian's light blue and appears 
at the northeast corner of the screen
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): A wider version of what was on the screen
USE: Gives you a grappling hook at the Mesa Field
HOW TO USE: Highlight and use the right joystick button to transport to the Mesa 
Field. You'll also be given a grappling hook. Push the right joystick up and 
down to make the arc swing wider and narrower. When the dot crosses a mesa, push 
the right fire button to swing yourself over there. Also, if you fall, push the 
right joystick button and you'll be brought back to the Mesa Field to try again.

ITEM: Hourglass
LOCATION: Treasure Room
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): Kinda looks like a pink box with a hole in the middle
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): A wider version of what was on the screen
USE: Also can give a grappling hook, but functions differently. 
HOW TO USE: Go onto the Mesa Field and highlight it. The hook will appear. 
However, unlike the ankh, if you fall you can't use it to save your butt.

ITEM: Chai
LOCATION: Treasure Room
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): Um, not sure how to describe it. Kinda looks like a 
triangle with a wing? Anyway, it's blue and appears on the bottom of the screen.
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): Looks like a bunch of bananas to me
USE: Give it to somebody to go directly to the Black Market
HOW TO USE: What, you think I'm gonna tell you now? Go see "Frequently Asked 
Questions!" :)

ITEM: Bullets
LOCATION: Black Market
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): A circle of dots
USE: Ammo for the gun
HOW TO USE: When you buy bullets, your gun is refilled automatically with three 
bullets. If you're completely empty, you need to buy them twice to get six. Buy 
any more than that and you'll just waste money.

ITEM: Shovel
LOCATION: Black Market
DESCRIPTION (SCREEN): An angular shovel
DESCRIPTION (INVENTORY): An angular shovel
USE: Digging in dirt
HOW TO USE: When you're in the Well of Souls, go to the mound of dirt at the 
bottom. Highlight the shovel and walk back and forth across the dirt, pushing 
the right joystick button several times while doing so. You should see the dirt 
slowly disappear.


Indy will meet up with a lot of unsavory villains and creatures while on his 
journey, and the following is a list of what he could meet up with. They are 
listed in the following format:

NAME: Name of villain or creature
LOCATION: What room it's located in
FUNCTION: What it'll do to you if it catches you
DESCRIPTION: A general description of what it looks like
DEFEATED BY: How to destroy it, if you can

NAME: Snake
LOCATION: Entrance Room, Marketplace, Treasure Room
DESCRIPTION: A squiggly line that seems to follow you
DEFEATED BY: The whip or the gun. The flute gives immunity.

NAME: Sheik
LOCATION: Marketplace, Black Market
FUNCTION: Sells you items
DESCRIPTION: Squares with white or black stripes...they're sitting above the 
items they're selling
DEFEATED BY: Not applicable

NAME: Tsetse Flies
LOCATION: Spider Room, Valley of Poison
FUNCTION: Paralyze
DESCRIPTION: Kinda looks like a cloud of gnats
DEFEATED BY: You can't kill them, but playing the flute gives you immunity to 
their paralysis.

NAME: Spider
LOCATION: Spider Room
DESCRIPTION: A big white blob that shoots webs
DEFEATED BY: You can't. 

NAME: Guardian
LOCATION: Room of the Shining Light
FUNCTION: Transport you back to a dungeon
DESCRIPTION: A pulsating diamond-shaped light
DEFEATED BY: You can't. Sorry.

NAME: Man in Black
LOCATION: Valley of Poison
FUNCTION: Steal items
DESCRIPTION: A large, tall solid black "man" that looks like he's wearing a hat 
and a cape. Maybe it's supposed to be Toth?
DEFEATED BY: You can't. Just run and avoid the tsetse flies.

NAME: Thief
LOCATION: Thieves' Den, Well of Souls
FUNCTION: Steal items
DESCRIPTION: A short, fat box-like "man" that kinda looks like the McDonald's 
Hamburgler to me. Anyway, one type has black and grey coloring, and the other 
has lighter colors. Both run in horizontal lines, some fast, some slow.
DEFEATED BY: You can't. Just dodge them.

NAME: Raving Lunatic
LOCATION: Black Market
DESCRIPTION: Um, it's on the left side, and kinda looks like a face that's been 
smeared. Gotta love the 2600's graphics!
DEFEATED BY: Give him a bag of gold and he'll let you pass. See "Frequently 
Asked Questions" for more details.


Ah, now we get to the big stuff. The following is a walkthough of one possible 
solution. This is just a basic, step-by-step way to beat the game. No secrets 
are included, and your final score won't be high enough for the special 
signature to appear. You will solve it fairly quickly though, and if you've been 
tearing your hair out trying to figure out what to do then you'll definitely 
appreciate it. :)

1. You'll start in the Entrance Room. Dodge the snake and grab the whip. Run off 
the bottom of the screen.
2. Now you're in the Marketplace. Search all three baskets for the key, the gun, 
and the grenade. If you want to, you can buy a flute, but it's not necessary. 
Don't get the parachute yet. 
3. Once you've got all three items from the baskets, wait for about fifteen 
seconds and check all three again (the snake will be after you so be careful). 
The medallion should appear in one of the baskets and will be added to your 
inventory. If not, wait another 10-15 seconds and try again. Repeat until you 
finally get it.
4. Go back up to the Entrance Room. Place Indy next to the right side wall, 
about a little more than halfway up. Use the grenade here and quickly run back 
to the Marketplace. 
5. Once at the Marketplace, go back up and you should see a giant hole in the 
wall. Go through the hole to the Temple Entrance.
6. In the Temple Entrance, go to the exit in the southeast corner. You can grab 
the timepiece on your way if you want to.
7. You'll now be in one of the dungeons. Use the whip or the gun and get 
yourself out. Now go to the right-side wall and hold up and right. Eventually 
you'll pop into the Treasure Room.
8. Now here's the tricky need to eventually have three bags of gold 
and the ankh. If there's no room in your inventory, drop the gun and the flute. 
You don't really need those anymore. Grab the gold and see if the ankh appears. 
If it does, grab it. If not, leave the room and go back and try again (drop gold 
if you need more inventory space, but you MUST end up with three bags!)
9. Once you get the ankh, leave the room and you'll end up in a dungeon. Now use 
the ankh and you'll transport yourself to the Mesa Field.
10. Use the hook to travel down the screen and go to the very bottom mesa (if 
you miss and start falling, use the ankh again to teleport back to the field). 
11. Once at the bottom mesa, drop the ankh and highlight the key. Now stand 
right in the middle of this mesa and walk straight down. Hopefully you'll be 
lined up correctly so you'll be walking on the strip instead of air.
12. Once you leave the Mesa Field you should see the Map Room. With the key 
highlighted, you can now enter that box that appears underneath. Go inside and 
stand perfectly in the center. Once done, you can now highlight the medallion 
and wait for the sun to rise. (Check the timepiece to see what time it is. The 
sun rises when the clock hand is at the 12 o'clock position.)
13. When the sun rises, you should see one of the mesas on the map start 
flashing. This is the mesa on the Mesa Field that has the Ark. Remember it!
14. Highlight the key again and walk back to the left-hand strip. Walk down.
15. You'll now be in the Thieves' Den. Dodge the thieves and quickly run 
straight down to the Black Market.
16. Now you need to buy a shovel for two bags of gold. Don't bother with the 
bullets or the basket.
17. Once you've got the shovel, go to the northeast corner wall and go through 
it to end up at the Marketplace. Now buy a parachute.
18. Once you've got the parachute and the shovel you can basically dump any 
other items you've got. I'd personally keep the whip because you never know if 
you'll end up fighting snakes or getting caught in a dungeon again.
19. Now go back to the treasure room and get the ankh again. You don't need to 
keep any gold this time.
20. Once you've got the ankh, leave the room and use it to transport yourself 
back to the Mesa Field. Use the hook to go to the mesa that was flashing in the 
Map Room. Again, if you fall just use the ankh to try again.
21. Once you're at the mesa with the Ark, drop the ankh and highlight the 
parachute. DON'T use it yet!
22. Okay, here's the most difficult part of the game. You need to now drop off 
the mesa and use the parachute while falling. Once done, you need to guide 
yourself under the tree branch and into the hole. Basically what I do is 
activate the chute the second I start falling and start maneuvering my way over 
to the hole. Once you get near it it'll suck you in. However, if you touch the 
branch your chute will break and you'll fall and die.
23. If you made it, you'll end up in the Well of Souls. Quickly drop the 
parachute before a thief can come near you. Dodge the thieves to the pile of 
dirt at the bottom. Highlight the shovel and walk back and forth across the 
dirt, pushing the right joystick button as you do so. The dirt should start to 
24. Once the dirt's gone, and you've found the right mesa, the Ark appears and 
Indy stands on a pedastal indicating your final score. Congrats! (If you picked 
the wrong mesa, however, Indy will fall and you'll have to try again.)


Here's a list of questions that are probably likely to come up while playing, 
especially if you're a new player and/or lost the instruction book.

"How do I buy something at the Marketplace/Black Market?"

Stand in the center of the item you wish to buy and drop (not use) a bag (or 
two) of gold.  The item should replace the gold in your inventory.

"I'm dropping the gold but I'm not getting my item."

Make sure you're not touching the sheik with any part of your body when you drop 
the gold. Otherwise he'll take it and leave you with nothing.

"I'm in a dungeon in the Room of Shining Light, but I don't have a whip, a gun, 
or an ankh. Do I have to start over?"

Nope. There's a hidden exit that sometimes appears at the bottom of the dungeon. 
Just move as far down as you can (the top of Indy's hat should be the only thing 
showing) and keep moving left and right. Eventually you'll pop out into the 
middle of the room. Be careful though: touch the dungeon's walls and you'll have 
to start over. Also, sometimes the exit appears after a few seconds, sometimes 
it won't appear for several minutes. Oh, and one more thing: If you escape using 
this method, you can't leave the room the way you came in. You have to go 
through the Spider Room from now until the game ends.

"What the heck are these green lines that suddenly started appearing in the 
Temple Entrance?"

If you escape from a dungeon using the hidden exit as described above, you'll 
see these lines. These block your way into and out of the Room of the Shining 
Light, but can be destroyed by the whip or the gun. Also, during the game 
they'll grow longer, and eventually will block your way back into the Temple. If 
this happens, use the grenade you find in the Black Market and blow them up just 
like you did to the wall at the start of the game (put the grenade in the same 
place). I have no idea if these lines are a glitch or some form of clever trap.

"How do you get the special signature to appear?"

You first have to find the Yar (see below) and then get a decent score. I 
finally managed to get it after finding the Yar, taking the shortcut to the 
Black Market, using the hidden exit from the dungeon, using the hourglass as a 
grappling hook, and finding the Ark. Of course, I also died twice, and my final 
score wasn't even halfway to the top of the screen, so who knows what's really 
required. The Yar is a definite though.

"What's this medallion thing? It's not in the instruction book!"

Who knows why it wasn't included...the Map Room and Thieves' Den aren't listed 
either.  Not knowing about the medallion's existence sure makes the game a lot 
more difficult though.  My guess is it's because of the whole "adventure" feel 
of the game. Imagine the feeling you'd get if you just stumbled across it on 
your own (or the frustration if you didn't).

"Why do the items look so different on the screen and then in your inventory?"

I have no idea. Sprite restrictions maybe?

"What's the purpose of the Chai?"

If you give the Chai to the black sheik in the Marketplace (the one with the 
flute), you'll be transported instantly to the Black Market. Just stand on the 
flute and drop the Chai like it was a bag of gold.

"Okay, I took the shortcut to the Black Market and this Raving Lunatic keeps 
killing me when I try to get past him."

This guy's tricky to figure out. If you touch him or try to walk past him you'll 
die. But here's how to avoid him:

There's an invisible line that goes the entire vertical length of the screen 
just at the point where the right side of his "head" is.  (You can see where it 
is by trying to walk past him; if you take one step beyond this area you'll 
die.) What you need to do is get as close to this invisible line as possible and 
drop a bag of gold. The Lunatic will be happy and let you live.

"I thought I was supposed to get a grenade in the Black Market's basket. Why did 
I get a key?"

Actually, that's what you usually get. I think the grenade shows up if the green 
lines in the Temple Entrance grow long enough to block your way back inside, but 
I'm not sure. Anyone?

"What's the purpose of the hourglass?"

Think of it as a poor man's ankh. If you reach the Mesa Field via the 
Marketplace (see Map below) then you can highlight it and get a grappling hook. 
However, unlike the ankh, if you fall you can't use it to transport yourself 
back to the field.

"Can the ankh teleport me to the Mesa Field from anywhere besides a dungeon?"

Yep, sure can. Use it anywhere you want to.

"Is there any way to tell when a certain treasure will appear in the Treasure 
Room so I don't have to keep going in and out?"

I'm not sure about the others, but the ankh appears when the hand on the 
timepeace is in the 11, 12, or 1 o'clock positions.

"What's this about a Yar flying around the Mesa Field?"

Yep, there's a Yar out there. What you need to do is use the grappling hook to 
get yourself to the center mesa (the big one that looks like a flying saucer). 
Now drop off the edge and drop the Chai as you're falling. You'll see the Yar at 
the top of the screen.

"Why can't I move Indy?!"

Are you using the right joystick instead of the left? Has he been paralyzed by 
tsetse flies? Is his parachute still open?

"A thief stole my ____! Can I get it back?" and "I accidentally dropped my____!"

In most cases, yes. Go back to where you found/bought the item and it should be 
there waiting for you.  I think the medallion may be the only exception, though. 

"How do I get out of the Valley of Poison?"

Run up to the top of the screen. You should see two bogs hanging down from the 
top. Go to the bog on the right and go up through the screen. You'll be back at 
the Marketplace.

"I finally made it to the Wall of Souls but one of the #$*@ thieves stole my 
shovel. Now what?"

You have to go back to the northeast corner of the screen to exit the room. 
Unfortunately, you'll fall, die, and end up in the Valley of Poison.


ER = Entrance Room                MK = Marketplace
TE = Temple Entrance              MF = Mesa Field
VP = Valley of Poison             RS = Room of Shining Light
SR = Spider Room                  TR = Treasure Room
MR = Map Room                     TD = Thieves' Den
BM = Black Market                 WS = Well of Souls
SM = Side of Mesa

                           ----- SR
                           |     |
            ER - TE ------ RS -- TR
            |   /  
            MK -----------
            |             |
            MF --- SM --- VP
            |      |
            MR     WS --- To VP
            BM --- To MK
Note: Going to the Marketplace from either the Temple Entrance, the Black 
Market, or the Valley of Poison is a one-way trip. You can't reach any of those 
places from the Marketplace (well, you can reach the Black Market, but not in 
the usual way.)

Well, that's it for the FAQ. If you'd like to contribute to the next version, or 
have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at the address above.

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