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Atari Lynx Catalog - Telegames

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Company: Telegames
Part Number: [none]
Year: 1993
Titles: 8

This catalog features eight titles from Telegames, a company that released titles for several Atari systems. This is the only third-party catalog for the Lynx that we've come into possession so far, which isn't surprising considering no other companies (besides Atari) released enough games for the Lynx to warrant one. Given this catalog's small size, we assume it was included with Lynx Telegames titles at some point. There is one game featured in this catalog that was never released: Guardians: Storm Over Doria. The descriptions for each game are in three languages, English, French and German. The last page of the catalog features an amplified stereo speaker system that could be used the Lynx.

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SystemTitle Model #Page
Desert StrikeL0718
Double DragonL0706
European Soccer ChallengeLX1065
Fidelity Ultimate Chess ChallengeLX1014
Krazy Ace Miniature GolfL2049
Super Off-RoadLX1057