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Controllers - Jaguar Controller

Jaguar ControllerSystem: Atari Jaguar
Model Number: J8901

Developing ergonomic controllers was never Atari's forte, but with the Jaguar they finally abandoned joystick controllers and created a controller with a directional keypad that was comfortable to use with enough buttons to suit most games. This is the standard controller that shipped with the Jaguar. In addition to the directional keypad it has three action buttons (A, B, and C), Pause and Option buttons, and a numeric keypad over which an overlay can be secured into place. Atari later released a Pro Controller which mapped some of the numeric keypad buttons onto additional action buttons for games
TitleCompany Model #
Pinball Fantasies21st Century EntertainmentJ0144E
BattleSphere Gold4Play/ScatoLOGICJ0201G
Evolution: Dino DudesAtariJ9006
Ruiner PinballAtariJ9061E
Zool 2AtariJ9042E
Checkered FlagAtariJ9007E
Cybermorph (1 Meg)AtariJ9000E
Defender 2000AtariJ9041E
Fever Pitch SoccerAtariJ9106E
Fight for LifeAtariJ9037E
Val d'Isere Skiing & SnowboardingAtariJ9060E
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureAtariJ9101E
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsAtariJ9020E
Supercross 3DAtariJ9044E
White Men Can't JumpAtariJ9070E
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionAtariJ9089E
Myst DemoAtari700142-002
Flip OutAtariJ9040E
Super BurnoutAtariJ9052E
Alien vs. PredatorAtariJ9008E
Ultra VortekAtariJ9082E
Atari KartsAtariJ9091E
Cybermorph (2 Meg)AtariJ9000
Space War 2000Atari 
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsAtariJ9086E
Club DriveAtariJ9003E
Tempest 2000 SoundtrackAtariJ8909
Missile Command 3DAtariJ9097E
Wolfenstein 3DAtariJ9028
Vid GridAtariJ9078E
Kasumi NinjaAtariJ9012E
Attack of the Mutant PenguinsAtariJ9072E
Trevor McFur in the Crescent GalaxyAtariJ9001
Iron SoldierAtariJ9026E
Blue LightningAtariJ9016E
Tempest 2000AtariJ9010E
Hover StrikeAtariJ9009E
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryAtariJ9036E
Speedster IICarousel Entertainment 
Air CarsICD 
Theme ParkOcean8001-TPKJAG
Dragon's LairReadySoft35003
BrainDead 13ReadySoft35028
Space AceReadySoft35008
Mad BodiesSelf-PublishedTGM001
Space War 2000Self-Published 
GORF ClassicSelf-Published3DS001
Hyper ForceSongbird ProductionsCF3003
Total CarnageSongbird Productions 
RemnantSongbird ProductionsCF2005
Soccer KidSongbird ProductionsCF3002
SkyhammerSongbird ProductionsCF3001
ProtectorSongbird ProductionsCF3004
Protector: Special EditionSongbird ProductionsCF3004
Ocean DepthsStarcat Developments 
JagMIND: Bomb SquadStarcat Developments 
World Tour RacingTelegamesJA152
Iron Soldier IITelegamesJA910
Towers IITelegamesJA256
International Sensible SoccerTelegamesJA250
Iron Soldier IITelegamesJA910
Zero 5TelegamesJ4011
Brutal Sports FootballTelegamesJA100
Breakout 2000TelegamesJ9093E
Primal RageTime-Warner Interactive301108-0182
Power Drive RallyTime-Warner Interactive31763-11153
RaymanUbi SoftC3669T
FlashbackUS Gold43175-79126
Troy Aikman NFL FootballWilliams21942
Double Dragon VWilliams21941