AtariAge at CGE2010 Classic Gaming Expo

Homebrews, Books, Posters, and more!

We'll have a wide variety of classic gaming items available for sale in the AtariAge booth. Aside from the items described on other pages (new games, 2600 cartridge magnets, and AtariAge t-shirts), you'll also find the following items in our booth:

Boxed Games

Thanks to our friends at Freelancer Games, we'll have a selection of boxed 2600, 5200 and 7800 games for various homebrews and reproductions that we normally sell with just the cartridge and manual. We'll only have a limited number of these boxes at the show, so be sure to visit our booth early if you want to get your hands on any of these boxed games! These boxes also include an insert to hold the cartridge securely in place and add additional strength to the box to help prevent it from being crushed.

Here's a list of the games we'll be selling with boxes:

  • Cave In (2600)
  • Dungeon (2600)
  • Juno First (2600)
  • Lead (2600)
  • Sinistar (5200)
  • FailSafe (7800)
  • Jr. Pac-Man (7800)
  • Pac-Man Collection (7800)
  • Space Invaders (7800)
  • Super Pac-Man (7800)

Boxed 2600, 5200 and 7800 games

Homebrew Games

Are you looking for some new games for your Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 or ColecoVision? If so, you'll find a large number of original and exciting homebrew games to breath new life into your favorite consoles! If you've never played a homebrew game before, stop by our booth and check them out! We'll have several game consoles setup so you can try any of the games we're bringing to the show. This is a great opportunity to test out homebrews before you buy!

Here's a small sampling of the 2600 homebrew games we'll have on-hand!

Harmony Cartridge

The Harmony cartridge is a programmable add-on for the Atari 2600 console that allows you to load an entire library of games into a single cartridge and then select which title you want to play from a friendly, on-screen menu interface. It features an SD card interface, making it simple to access the large library of Atari 2600 software. The Harmony cartridge supports almost all of the titles that have been produced for the Atari 2600. It can also be used to run your own Atari 2600 game creations on a real console. The Harmony cartridge is flash-upgradeable, and will be updated to support future Atari 2600 developments.

We'll have Harmony Cartridges available for purchase at CGE. They'll sell quickly, so if you want one make sure to stop by our booth early in the day on Saturday!

Please visit our Harmony Cartridge site to learn more. You can even download the complete manual to learn everything you'd ever want to know about the Harmony Cartridge.

Harmony Cartridge
Harmony Cartridge


We'll have Atari City and Dungeon posters available for purchase at the show! If you purchase the homebrew Dungeon at the show, you can get the poster for half price!

Atari City Poster

Dungeon Poster

Driving Crazy

Award-winning author Randy D Pearson (and AtariAge forum member "Atari Smeghead") has written his first book, a humorous adventure about two lifelong friends who travel across the country to pick up a Crazy Climber machine. They find themselves in all sorts of trouble, and will have to rely on their luck and ingenuity if they hope to get this classic arcade game, and themselves, home in one piece.

This 262-page novel is filled with humor, drama, exciting chases and features many video game scenes, including such arcade classics as Galaga, Tempest and of course, Crazy Climber. Even the Atari Jaguar has a cameo.

For more information, including excerpts and deleted scenes, please visit

Driving Crazy

ReVival Magazine

We'll have copies of all the English versions of ReVival magazine for sale! ReVival is a magazine dedicated to retrogaming that has been published quarterly since the end of 1997. Initially ReVival was only available in French, but as of issue 29, an English version is also available. But what is ReVival? ReVival is the voice of the hidden side of video gaming. ReVival gives you news on all alternative consoles, retrogaming, games and/or hardware tests without concessions, interviews of people active in the alternative video games, features such as Nomad for portable consoles and Dreamcast for Sega's 128 bits. And that's not all! ReVival also offers you historical articles and more specific reports and columns.

ReVival has no commercial purpose. It is published by a non-profit association, with professional quality standards in mind, for the content as well as for the layout. But we are not a publishing company, and we don't issue thousand copies of ReVival. Furthermore, we have no advertising. Thus, we cannot offer low prices, since it would endanger the financial balance of our organization. All the team and myself dedicate our heart, our passion and our motivation. And it's done in our spare time! Thus, the more people will participate, the more the quality of ReVival and the diversity of articles will increase.

You can learn more about ReVival magazine at the official ReVival Website.

Here are a few of the ReVival magazine covers:

ReVival #40
ReVival #39
ReVival #38
ReVival #37
ReVival #36
ReVival #35
ReVival #34
ReVival #33
ReVival #32
ReVival #31

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