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Add quotation marks around phrases eg "extended basic"
In the results, note the extract for each link before clicking to see if it is relevant.

Google problems NB- Google problems! Google go out of their way to stop you using their searches these days, so if a search box below produces a snarky message from google, copy the search string into the box below to use the same database without the corporate attitude: Copy the full search string- for example it may look something like:
"ti-99/4a" "manual" "shuttle command" site:http://atariage.com/forums/
Note the use of quotation marks and the extra site bit at the end. You may even get more relevant results! Unfortunately I can't give you a similar page of searches using duckduckgo without using javascript.

Search atariage main forum using Google:
Note: As this searches all the forums, precede your search with "ti-99/4a".
Link to website: TI Atariage Forum- requires registration (free) to download content.

Search whtech using Google:
NOTE: Powerful search- includes the text in many of the pdf files on the site!
Link to website: whtech

Search Ninerpedia using Google: Link to website: Ninerpedia

Search 99er.net using Google: Link to website: 99er.net

Search ti99iuc using Google: (Note- the site is in Italian but use an online translation site, it is worth it)
Link to website: TI99iuc

Search Thierry Nouspikel using Google: Link to website: Thierry Nouspikel tech pages

Search Mainbyte using Google: Link to website: Ron Reuter Mainbyte

Search Blackbox website using Google: (NB- this website covers other topics which may show results from this search, but the website is over two thirds TI related)
Link to website: TI99/4A from Shawweb

Search TI Gameshelf using Google: Link to website: TI Gameshelf

The following website does not permit search engine indexing- but the content is all on one page anyway- lots of pdf files of TI99/4a related books at TI Books from hexbus

Search archive.org using Google:
(NB- Limit searches to the TI by preceding your search term with "ti99/4a" in quotes. )
The default is to show you poor ocr text files- at the page top when you load the text is a "see other formats" link, click that to access a more readable pdf file.

Link to website: Archive.org