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So I have been working all this time on my Hamburgers game for the Game Gear. Day turning into night, going to sleep at midnight with the game broken, waking up at 1 p.m., going back to work on it, and then one moment came when I was testing the game, I had figured out what the stupid problem was. Stupid me had set the hamburger's x position off screen so it wasn't showing up. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!   But that still didn't explain some stuff, though, like why was it that when I pressed up, t

Cruizin' Instagram - Art of Sponge Fox - March 2020

When I opened my mailbox, naturally there were several hundred messages I didn't ask for.  That is just the nature of my inbox, so I have filters to save the good stuff for me.   But I look through that sea of political messages, warning messages about spam, that are spam, and sometimes something I want will be in there.   And I got a message from Sponge Fox on Instagram.   And here is what I saw...     Awwww.... no doubt!      What an awesome picture.  And 💕 back to you old




Don't give up!

I have to look at all this and say this: How can this not be total control of the world by China via fearmongering? They brainwashed most of the people, telling us over and over again that this all: "social distancing", closing down shops, grocery stores running out of toilet paper, is just due to a virus? We've had similar viruses, e.g. Zika, Spanish Flu, etc. But they didn't close down nearly everything. Schools were open, sports were being played. China sought control over the USA and the res

The Emulator Zone

Yes, here is another short blog post after years of neglect. Where have I seen this before? Nevermind. Due to having to stay indoors much more recently due to COVID-19, I'm finding myself with a bit more time to spend gaming. Which is actually pretty nice, after all. Not that I haven't done much of it recently, but it's nice to get back to doing more of something that you enjoy doing. Given that I'm long separated from most of the gaming hardware that I own, I'm having to rely on emulators for a





No stupid virus is going to stop me from working on Frank the Fruit Fly. Today I put in a new screen in it. Frank has to dodge spiders while the spiders move up and down to try and get Frank. In order for my idea to work, the spiders have to move up and down slowly. But it worked. And I also found and fixed a bug pertaining to not advancing the screen. Before, on level 5 (what I'm currently working on), it just had the same screen over and over again. But I fixed that. As if you needed more proo

The trouble with having too many games

So I went to the video game store. I called first to see if it was open. While I was there, I looked through the Game Gear games. I figured if I got Mortal Kombat 3, I might as well get 1 & 2. They didn't have two but they had 1. So I got it. I also got Aladdin since it didn't look familiar to me. Came home and as it turns out, I already had it. Oh well. This in turn led me to work on my Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland 2 game I forgot about.   Added the chocolate milkshakes that

Zyx update

So after I don't know how long, I finally got the black patches in Greedy Zyx gone. So it now looks like this: Which is a lot better than what it looked like before. I got it down to 15 separate colors, but the key was this: When using GIMP, don't write the color space information. So I am really happy with the game now, as it's 1.58MB instead of what it used to be (1.66MB), so there's more space to put in the AtariAge intro in case it gets published like I would like it to

2600 cranberries

So I went back to work on Craig the Cranberry for the Atari 2600. It's a lot like Frank the Fruit Fly in that your object is to get to the right of the screen while avoiding obstacles. I hit a lot of bumps in the road programming this today. You're probably asking "Why not just port Frank the Fruit Fly to the 2600?" Because it'd be a lot different. It'd look a lot different and play a lot different.   Anyway, I made a new screen. In order for it to work though, I had to make a black ho

News break

I guess a break from the news is what I need. It's kind of hard when you watch the news and all they're talking about is a dangerous virus that kills people. But now I have to continue watching the news because it started to snow here. I woke up at about 1 a.m. and was surprised to see a dusting of snow on the ground. So I am watching the Weather Channel (less chance of them talking about the stupidvirus), and watching some dumb reality show about extreme weather. I don't think we're going to ha

No hope any time.

I am wondering why the STOCK MARKET doesn't close. Everything else is. Way more than 250 people crowd in there every day, seems like a wonderful place for the stupid CORONAVIRUS to thrive in. Something RT said makes me think there will be civil unrest and martial law stemming from all this. People will get cabin fever, go crazy, and start rioting because there's nothing else better to do. But is it really worth it? I think if the world is going to end because of all this, then hey, why not go cr

The End

I've been thinking about the end of the world. And I think this may be it. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime, but apparently it will. Some day soon (before 2020 ends), we'll all be dead. And all because of a stupid little disease. It's been nice living and getting to meet such wonderful people who have the same interests I did. You know, I thought it would happen differently. Like being struck by an asteroid or something. But a little flu-like thing wiping out the entire earth's pop

Music question.

I needed a background music song. One about the city. There have been many songs about cities ("we built this city on rock & roll", "summer in the city") but I thought of those after my selection. I went with the oldie "Puttin' on the Ritz." Why this? It was the only song I could think of. That and it was semi-easy to figure out all the notes to. I decided to put it in the key of C minor. I like C minor because it's almost like C major and C major is the key that has no sharps or flats in it

Extended Basic v2.7 Suite -- (Final Update 03/10/2020)

On 03/10/2016 this entry was temporarily unlocked to perform maintenance after the AtariAge update.   Have you ever wondered, if you could only have one cartridge for your TI-99/4A what cartridge that would be? That question was answered thanks to the late Atari Age member Tony "The Great Gazoo" Knerr.     Tony "The Great Gazoo" Knerr - Born 09/22/1958 - Passed 09/22/2015   Are you a Newbie or returning TI'er with only a console? If so, forget about




Push the button, Frank!

Someone made a cockroach sprite for me. And with a little tweaking to the building's interior, I made screen 43 passable. Not only did my tweaking of the building make the screen possible to exit, it also lessened the code a whole bunch. Frank is supposed to hit the button at the bottom avoiding the cockroaches that move up and down and then the blocks at the right side will disappear and Frank can exit. But this only took 2 hours because I was having trouble with the walls. But I got it fixed a
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