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Burgers on the mountain (NES)

I got frustrated working on the Atari 2600 version of the game, so I went back to work on the NES version. I will likely give up the 2600 version because it wasn't being up to my high standards. The last time I was working on the NES version was a month ago. I thought about where I left off and I figured out that I needed a new song for the mountain level. I thought to myself "Self, what would be a good song about a mountain be?" - "Billy the Mountain" Frank Zappa (too long) - "First T

sleeping for more than half a day at a time is fun.

I don't know why, but I've become sleepier and sleepier. I slept a lot yesterday and wasn't awake very much. I went to sleep at, I don't know, around 3 a.m. and woke up at 7 p.m. Well, anyway, when I was up tonight, I figured I might as well draw something. I have a lot of fun drawing stuff. None of it is particularly any good, but I still have fun thinking of ideas and then drawing them. But I have a tendency to use really old-timey stuff. The TVs have rabbit ear antennas on them. That is to ma

Flying Hamburger - May 17, 2021

Fell asleep at about 8 a.m. yesterday morning. Woke up at about noon to get my haircut. After going to the store and getting food, I didn't get home until about 3:30 or so and didn't get to sleep until about 4p.m. So I slept a long time. It was really hot yesterday. Before I went to sleep, I checked the temperature. It was 82 degrees outside. It felt like about 100. Woke up at around 2 a.m. and continued work on my Flying Hamburger game.   Today's focus was trying to make the onion rin

Flying Hamburger - May 14, 2021

So I named the game Flying Hamburger. And I made it so when the onion ring gets shot, a point is scored. I did that before I went to bed at 5 a.m. Then I woke up at about 6 p.m.   Today's goals: Making the game start with a fire button press and resetting the game with the reset switch. These were met, but I eventually had to put more code in to make the display a steady 262 scanlines.   Tomorrow's goal: select a random speed. This is going to be really hard. What's going to

2600y night

An attempt to be awake all day and asleep all night instead turned into me being asleep all day and awake all night. Oh well. I made some changes to the game I mentioned yesterday. Only the burger is able to shoot a French fry. I tried to make the onion ring shoot lasers but it didn't go so well, so I had to give up on the onion ring shooting. So I made the French fry the same color as the onion ring no matter where it is on the screen because I'm using missile 1 as player 0's missile.  

2600y day

Surprise! My Crazy Climber copy came in the mail today! Wow, that was extremely fast. Last I knew at about 2 a.m. it was in Portland. What's more, the game works. I don't know why they decided to sit on it for 6 weeks, but they did. I also tried my hand at making a 2600 version of Hamburgers. After much tooling, help asking, and code fiddling, I came up with this. A yummy-looking moveable burger with lettuce and ketchup. The sprite on the right will be the enemy, but for now it's


So I get this e-mail from eBay asking me to leave feedback for the game that never came. Obviously I don't want eBay hounding me for the rest of my life about feedback, so I had to. After thinking for about 10 minutes pondering what to say, I left a very generic message hiding the fact that I never got my game because I didn't want to ruin this guy's 100% rating. I mean, I would be upset if I was selling something and got it to the post office and the post office lost it and someone got angry ab
Rotary Encoder => A8 joystick port input

Rotary Encoder => A8 joystick port input

Of course,  after an afternoon of experimenting with an Arduino and KY-040 Rotary Encoder Board, the question of how to use a Rotary Encoder attached to an ATARI joystick port became an intriguing ponderance.  After all,  the Atari can read a trackball and mouse containing two encoders. How hard can it be to read one?   For this first experiment KISS was an objective.  The objective was to be able to read the input and determine  if the knob was being turned in a CW direction or CCW di




Reminiscing on scale...

Over the weekend, I was reminiscing with my dad about how he set up his home office for his job back in the 80's.  He and the other engineers/draftsmen at the new company all had state of the art computers for structural/piping drawing with CAD software, etc.  I remember the computer was a "beast" for the time with a 20MB! hard drive and people wondering how in the hell they'd use that. The computer cost around 4500 at the time, which is expensive for a good machine even now, let alone the 80's.


Well, I stayed up until at least 1:30 a.m. last night. It's not my fault. I tried to go to sleep at about midnight. But I finally fell asleep 1.5 hours later, then woke up at 11:30 a.m. I figured I needed less sleep, but two hours later, I fell back asleep and woke up at 5:30 p.m. I worked some more on my song. I stopped at bar 497. Then I figured "I might as well go past 500." So I did. And now the song is about 16.5 minutes long. In about 10 more minutes more and I can go to work on part 5. Ev


Sometimes I get very bored. I need to do something but I don't really feel like doing anything. Times when there's nothing to do, nothing interesting on YouTube. Nothing on the multitudes of channels on TV. That is when I get into my music composing mood and open up one of my MIDIs and continue work on it.   Back in January 2020, I was going to complete two CDs' worth of music on one composition called "A Walnut." My goal was to make 26 minutes worth of music every two months, thus com

Small burger

So I did some testing about a new game for the Pokemon Mini since I got done with Frank the Fruit Fly. I call it "Hamburgers In Space!" Nice big sprites for this one since the screen is very tiny. What I am basically attempting to do is take the Switzerland game to the Pokemon Mini. But this will only have one level: a space level. Why? Because it's hard to design different levels when you have to tell where you are with sprites. Space is nice and black with nice white stars. What I a
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