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I have returned!

Alrighty then, I'm back. I did not expect to come back to a forum update. I know there are some elements to the blog that have been 'broken', attached images mostly, I'll get them worked out over time though from what I heard Albert is currently working on it and he doesn't need me screaming in his ear over something he's aware of.   If you were all wondering about my unexpected, unannounced vacation, then I'll tell you. Myself and my parents went off to Portland Oregon to visit my sis
Harrier 7  (Avantage)

Harrier 7 (Avantage)

Budget titles always have been, and always will be, mixed bags. You might get a hidden gem of a game or you might get stuck with a bunch of trash. I honestly don’t know how it was back in the 80’s with computer and console gaming being a bit more of a fledgling market, or even which publishers were considered budget, well I know of a few. The publisher of today’s game is most certainly a budget company, it’s pretty obvious, their tagline is “The best in low-priced entertainment software™” for cr

Being creative.

I used to have a website where I uploaded comics via an online ftp server. For some reason, last month it quit displaying the comics I uploaded. So I quit drawing them. But I got in the mood for drawing some more comics, but I have nowhere to post them, except for here. I do my comics in groups of 3. Since a sheet of paper is 8.5 x 11 inches. 3 comics fit perfectly on this page. Then I scan the page, enter Photoshop, resize the comics (I don't know why scanners like to make extra-large sized

Cruis'in YouTube - Wacky World of Promotional Plushies - June 2019

Today I was looking around for future Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog article information and I found a cool article on YouTube about some plushies that were a little obscure. I am proud to say that Bubsy may be one of the most rare video game mascot plushies out there. I've enjoyed looking for Bubsy merchandise, and I believe I will just try to build my own re-creation of a Bubsy plushie at this point. As we have been talking on the Bubsy Fan Server there are over 50 Bubsy fans on there, and natural




A couple of bug fixes

Nothing you might notice but I updated my pickup routine so now the Bat has independence of grabbing objects. Before, the system was set up for just the player to pick up the loot. My last concept rom had a bug with sound when picking up which I fixed. Updated the font to look more pleasant than standard. To test music independent from effects select level 3 which I changed the tune to play a surprise that you might remember. I started ripping music from ADAM Data Pack games now so this wi

Super Cobra (Hack) For Atari 7800 Is Available At GDG

From reading the forums it appears that this version of Super Cobra has been offered before by Good Deal Games. Well, it's currently listed as being available at GDG, Limited to 50 copies, listed price is $39.95. I've ordered a copy. Michael always does a great job with the packing, so I'm really looking forward to it. I've seen a play video on Youtube, but the display acted wonky. For the record, my copy of Scramble for the 7800 displays the same way, but only when I had a Sega Genesis Game P




64k (part 2)

So I took a look and tested what I had of level 2 before the igloo part. I needed to fix a few things. It should be running okay now. I also added some snow on the igloo screen (not the inside of the igloo, that would be crazy.) The way I think it is is if the largest Pokemon Mini ROM can be 512k, and if bankswitching is needed after 64k, then that must mean you can have 8 64k banks in a code. I've taken to sleeping on the couch at about 9 a.m. and not getting up until about 5 p.m. Today I w

MAME TI 99-8 & TI 99-2 full usable download

MAME TI 99-8 & TI 99-2 full usable download I have put together a workable MAME TI 99-2 & TI 99-8 packages. Just download and execute the batch file in the MAME directory. The 99-2 & the 99-8 never made it market for TI but they got fairly far along to the point of workable prototypes and even manuals (download manuals from http://ftp.whtech.com/datasheets%20and%20manuals/ ). The 99-2 works fine as is. It only has 4k of memory, no sound and B/W. Bo sure to use only the disk in the





[#044] Seems like for the past few years I only spend any length of time on AtariAge in November/December (for the annual Secret Santa) and then again in June because I have vacation time to burn. So here we are. Since my last personal life update, I brought (or helped bring perhaps) a second child into our family and she's already made her first birthday. We also moved about 40 miles out of New Orleans and bought our first home, which is both exciting and frustrating considering it's HOA an





Well, it took all night but I finally got a working version of Frank the Fruit Fly that is bigger than 64k. Not very much though, it's 67k. But a couple of people on the Pokemon Mini Discord helped me with it. So now what I'm going to do is keep working on it. I suspect I am going to have to move the code for level 1 to the 64k mark eventually since I would like to make an adventure with many different scenarios, screens, and levels. But that's not soon. When I get done with the second level,
Best Free Online PDF to ODT Converter

Best Free Online PDF to ODT Converter

Of the free online PDF to ODT converters that I have tried, this one seems to be the best: https://convertio.co/pdf-odt/ If you know of a better one, please post it. I tried aconvert.com, file-converter-online.com, online2pdf.com, online-convert.com, and zamzar.com. The only one in that list that wasn't total garbage was online2pdf.com, but it wasn't as good as convertio.co. The results from convertio.co aren't perfect, but it's very close to the original PDF. I've only had t

28 - Supercross 3D

Download or listen to the podcast episode at atarijaguargamebygame.libsyn.com/28-supercross-3d Feel the textures beneath your animated, dirt-chewing tires in Supercross 3D! Learn about how the tournament actually works (hint: don't read the manual), check out some of the hidden references in the list of competitor names, and learn what the heck a "nac nac" is in this dirty, dirty episode. Also included are a couple curious song similarities, storytime segments featuring carbonated beverages




Just Proof of concept

No real changes other than temporary placeholders for sound and possibly music for the super game. but for those who are curious, picking up and dropping have their own distinct sound. It is not as hard as I thought to put in sounds. As I mentioned in the last entry I can put in music or whatever I want. So as a treat if you select level 3 it will play the tune from Looping, Two-Part Invention No. 8 in the background while you roam. Picking up and dropping still have their own channels f

Frank the Fruit Fly update - June 2019

I had an idea for a screen for Frank the Fruit Fly. I decided to have yet another wall block his path. This time, Frank needs to go into an igloo where the switch to remove the wall is located and press it so he can move forward. This took about a couple hours to do. Most of the work was making sure the coordinates for Frank's interactions were correct (or close). Odd screens though happened. Like in the igloo for one: Notice the upper right hand side is screwed up. I tried my best to make it l

Trip to San Antonio

Headed to San Antonio for the weekend with my folks. We met up with my sister and her family, and stayed at the Éilan Hotel & Spa. It's part of the BlueGreen timeshare that my folks belong to. View from the balcony of my folks' room:         I preferred the view from my room, though it did not have a balcony so I took this through the window.       Hotel was nice, but they had no options for charging the car.  If they did the trip would have had a brief 10 minute charging stop




Am I just cool or is it me ego...

Learning Music and Sound effects for the Colecovision and ADAM is not as hard as you think if you just try.   So, I started some test runs on sound and MAYBE some music for the super game of Adventure and understanding the format have ripped the Assembly language data for the Looping Tune.   Copy it into your game or whatever and here is the data. I did not separate it into channels and it will play the tune till the end. Have already tested it. LOOPING_TUNE: ; 2 part invention DB 040

GoSub 7800 level 12

I spent all of last night trying to make the game work. I had to do a bunch of stuff that made no sense in order to make it work. For example, there's a file included that isn't used except the text I was trying to do last night wouldn't work without it. Now that I have the text working, I modified it to add my own font which is like the score counter font: Like on a calculator is what I was attempting to make it look like. I made it so the bonus round comes every five levels instead of every

No new rom today, just a "sitrep"

Just to give a quick progress report.   Added temp sounds to all my actions. Working on matching sounds to the original. Working on dragon logic and movement, bats. Working on Super Game version with updated graphics and sound. Working on custom title screen Working on custom skill select. Still under 16k Figuring out sound in assembly was a challenge but once I did it's not so bad. No tunes, just sound effects. So work is still in progress between this and rest of life because kids a

47 sighting - June 8, 2019

A high school senior prank may cost some local seniors $47. Why the teacher chose that amount is unknown, but what the students basically did was move the desks in the high school out into the hall and put hot dogs on the chalkboard chalk holders. And they might not be able to walk in the graduation. Seems kind of a stiff penalty for that, but hey, it's a 47 sighting. A day after I choked, I just now managed to eat a 12 inch Subway sandwich without choking. They never put enough mayo on, so I

S.O.P. Track 9 - Chorale Prelude "Wachet Auf"

A little tremolo was added to SINGLEBYTE.M65. It is subtle but hearable. Wachet.mp3 Work files TRACK09.atr NOTES: Music File origin: WICHET.AMS - thanks to unknown person converted to MMS - WICHET.MUS Control Computer: 130XE Sequencer Software: MIDI Music System by Lee Actor MIDI out: MIDIMAX Sound Source: Atari 130XE (#2) MIDI in: Arduino Software: MONOSYN_1-Byte_Data.ino Monitor output to mixer



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