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Giant Octopus

So I got a banner acting like a sprite. This let me make a big ol' giant octopus. The giant octopus chases you around the screen. Although it is kind of easy right now to kill the thing. Perhaps I should make the giant octopus faster. I think I will.   I have yet to work on the shark, I have spent about an hour or so on this, and the rest of my time was spent working on something else. I woke up at about midnight or so. But that doesn't guarantee me being awake at noon, sinc




Frank animation redux

So I thought that the animation of Frank flapping his wings could be better. So I set out to make it better. Instead of 2 frames, it is now four, but one of the frames is used twice. Frank now looks like this: I  used a gif maker that apparently doesn't like to make images bigger. The original images are 8x9 and look much better, but Frank was hard to see so I made it bigger. Frank does not look this blurry in the game. I was asleep most of yesterday. And I'm still sleepy. So nex




Being creative.

I used to have a website where I uploaded comics via an online ftp server. For some reason, last month it quit displaying the comics I uploaded. So I quit drawing them. But I got in the mood for drawing some more comics, but I have nowhere to post them, except for here. [attachment=641788:2019number25.png] [attachment=641789:2019number26.png] [attachment=641790:2019number27.png] I do my comics in groups of 3. Since a sheet of paper is 8.5 x 11 inches. 3 comics fit perfectly on this page. Then




64k (part 2)

So I took a look and tested what I had of level 2 before the igloo part. I needed to fix a few things. It should be running okay now. I also added some snow on the igloo screen (not the inside of the igloo, that would be crazy.)   The way I think it is is if the largest Pokemon Mini ROM can be 512k, and if bankswitching is needed after 64k, then that must mean you can have 8 64k banks in a code.   I've taken to sleeping on the couch at about 9 a.m. and not getting up until about 5 p.m. Today





Well, it took all night but I finally got a working version of Frank the Fruit Fly that is bigger than 64k. Not very much though, it's 67k. But a couple of people on the Pokemon Mini Discord helped me with it. So now what I'm going to do is keep working on it. I suspect I am going to have to move the code for level 1 to the 64k mark eventually since I would like to make an adventure with many different scenarios, screens, and levels. But that's not soon.   When I get done with the second level




Frank the Fruit Fly update - June 2019

I had an idea for a screen for Frank the Fruit Fly. I decided to have yet another wall block his path. This time, Frank needs to go into an igloo where the switch to remove the wall is located and press it so he can move forward. This took about a couple hours to do. Most of the work was making sure the coordinates for Frank's interactions were correct (or close). Odd screens though happened. Like in the igloo for one: [attachment=640948:iglooscreen.png] Notice the upper right hand side is scr

GoSub 7800 level 12

I spent all of last night trying to make the game work. I had to do a bunch of stuff that made no sense in order to make it work. For example, there's a file included that isn't used except the text I was trying to do last night wouldn't work without it. Now that I have the text working, I modified it to add my own font which is like the score counter font: Like on a calculator is what I was attempting to make it look like.   I made it so the bonus round comes every five levels instead of ever

47 sighting - June 8, 2019

A high school senior prank may cost some local seniors $47. Why the teacher chose that amount is unknown, but what the students basically did was move the desks in the high school out into the hall and put hot dogs on the chalkboard chalk holders. And they might not be able to walk in the graduation. Seems kind of a stiff penalty for that, but hey, it's a 47 sighting.   A day after I choked, I just now managed to eat a 12 inch Subway sandwich without choking. They never put enough mayo on, so

I almost choked to death.

So there I was, eating a fake chicken sandwich. When suddenly, I had one of my choking fits. So I rushed to the bathroom and puked up all the sandwich I ate. But then I tried drinking water, but it wouldn't stay down. Oh great, I thought. I kept forcing myself to vomit because I was convinced there was a little bit still stuck in there. But there wasn't. But I was still choking. Mom tried to help by giving me one of her herbal coughdrops. It didn't help any. I still couldn't keep even my own sal


So a whole bunch of games arrived in the mail today. First off, my 9 Game Boy games from that guy who put my game onto a cartridge who lives overseas came. I'll be keeping one, so eight of these will be on sale soon. [attachment=640309:yum.jpg] And also, last night, I designed the final hole in Channel F Golf. It took a while since the idea wasn't too keen on cooperating with me, but I got it to work somehow. [attachment=640310:hole9.png] It was ten Game Boy games, but I made the mistake of


Worked on Golf a whole bunch yesterday. I added a special putting meter so when you get close to the hole the score switches from red to blue to let you know you're putting. I can adjust how far away the ball is to the hole when it switches to putting mode. I don't know if it's my keyboard or the programming but pressing fire seems to not work sometimes, I have to press it a second time and try again after pressing the left CTRL button (I'm using MESS) and it not do anything.   I discovered a

#18 and #26

So two Channel F video games with their manuals came in the mail today. I will "review" both of them now. Hangman - This is a really good version of Hangman. Easy controls, twist left and right to move the letter and fire to guess it. The words are really great, too. One of them was "WEALTH," so makes for really good guessing. Alien Invasion - The Channel F's answer to Space Invaders. It really is just Space Invaders, right down to the ship flying by periodically. Makes one wonder why Taito di

Bonus level

So I want to have a bonus level for GoSub every 10 levels, so it breaks up the action and makes it less monotonous. But I have no idea what the bonus level could be. Should I have a points system for the game? Should I add some lives as well? I think I will. I have lotsa room for mazes, so I want there to be at least 100 different ones. The bonus level could get you a chance to add more lives. But what should the bonus level consist of doing?   I have 3 more levels to design before I get there

47 sightings - May 31, 2019

It's been a looong time since I last saw my favorite number in media. Well, today it happened twice. The National Spelling Bee had 8 winners. The 8-way-tie happened because they successfully spelled the 47 tie-breaking words. And a crash just happened locally right near me on the news near highway 47.   I try to put the number 47 in my game code whenever I can. Sometimes it fits just right, other times it's not too far off from what I want.   In other news, I've been working hard on GoSub 78

Simplifying by making things more complex

That's what I'm doing. While working on GoSub 7800, I had two levels, each with their own level checking code. I realized that if I had, say, 30 levels, it was going to be one out-of-control, huge glob of code. So I tried to rectify the situation. I looked through the 7800basic Guide to see what I could do about it. I discovered the 'memcpy' function. So while this made less code, it also made my program bigger. Instead of it being 32k, it is now 128k with RAM though. Apparently I need to do tha

No one seems to care

It gets pretty discouraging when you work on something for hours on end only to have it be mostly ignored. Sometimes I don't even know why I bother. I spent this morning working on GoSub 7800, getting the treasure and octopus working. But I guess my game has been eclipsed by Arkanoid. I added sounds to the game. Crashing sounds and treasure getting sounds. And a torpedo crashing into an octopus sound. So I should probably just stop, but I don't WANT to. I want to keep working on it, but when the

GoSub for the Atari 7800!

The first steps of a GoSub port to the 7800 have been completed. I assume I can check collisions of the coral using the "peekchar" command. In the 7800basic Guide under 'peekchar' is "charvalue=peekchar( mapdata, x, y, width, height )" So what exactly is the value of charvalue? A 1 if there is a collision and 0 for none, or something else entirely different? I'm so confused on that.   Well, anyway, it took about 5 hours to do. About an hours worth of this was cussing out the computer for sayi

the beginning of the end.

With only one hole left to design, I thought I might as well code the end. Since I had a whole bunch of spare room, I added an ending screen which displays your final score. I could even add an ending song if I wanted to.   [attachment=638426:golfend.png]   By the way, a final score of one is impossible. I just did that because I started the game on hole 9 for testing.   I tried to design a ninth hole, but it ended up too similar to hole #5 so I threw it out and will try again. The ninth h

Yet more golf.

So I was trying to make a line of trees, like I did with the line of water used to make a stream. Couldn't, even after multiple tries. I was really sleepy all of yesterday because first off I only got a couple hours of sleep due to insomnia, and second, I couldn't sleep when I wanted to on the couch because the dog kept barking at the guy who was washing the house. I don't know why they decided they needed to wash my house, but they did.   So after trying to make a line of trees, I FINALLY sle

More work on Golf

So I worked on Golf last night and today some more. The title screen now looks like this: [attachment=637674:golftitle2.png] I learned that MESS widens the TV screen and I needed to make the screenshot 800x600 to see how it would look on a real TV. Went to sleep and got up at 2PM again. Noticed carlsson was having trouble with diagonal movements, so I looked in the code to see how I was controlling movements. It harkened back to the old days of the game where the guy could move anywhere he wan

Channel F programming: playing with the bmp2blit program

So I got to thinking about my Golf game. I attempted to try to put in a title screen while browsing for info on any way to make a black sprite. While I never did find out how, I did run into the bmp2blit program, which basically converts a .bmp image into something that can be displayed with a Channel F. So I tried it. I finally got it to work, but the colors were wrong. I don't know why. After trying to solve this with no luck, I just decided to change the .bmp image to wrong colors so it would

The Semi-Impenetrable Fortress of Doom

Good news: I came up with an idea for a one-player Odyssey game. How many of you Odyssey owners out there have cart #7? Because this game needs it. This happened last night. So six[sup]2[/sup] is on hold for now, again, as I would like to release a one-player Odyssey game. I call it "The Semi-Impenetrable Fortress of Doom." I could just as easily have called it "The Penetrable Fortress of Doom," but that doesn't seem as ominous, plus I like the double i there. Not many game titles have double i'

six² for Odyssey (part 2)

I am going to get the overlays done for the Odyssey game I am making. I have the dice, I have the cardboard squares (like deeds in Monopoly) cut out. All that is left to do is get the overlays made, the manual sheet printed out and the boxes bought and then I will be able to send the game out. Each copy will be $20. But I am only making 9 available for sale (ten copies total, but one is for me since I have an Odyssey.) So that's where that is.   There was a big thunderstorm today. It's hot in

Frank's continuing saga

Got an idea for a screen for Frank the Fruit Fly. Implementing it was really hard because it was a case of copying and pasting part of the code of a screen and then adapting it to suit the screen number you are working on. Which took an hour of yelling and cursing and trying to figure out why the button presses weren't working. But I finally figured it out. I do find it quite odd that I'm making a game for the Pokémon Mini that has nothing to do with Pokémon.   The last time we left Frank, he

Strange recurring dream

Two nights ago, I had a dream idea. Sometimes I get an idea for something to do while I'm sleeping. Sometimes they're good ideas, sometimes they're bizarre. This fell into the bizarre category. I dreamed I was trying to make a crossword about apples. I was only half-asleep as I was trying to figure out the word placements and stuff. I told my mom about my dream and we spent the next few minutes trying to think of words containing the word "apple". And then, last night I dreamed it again. [cente
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