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Witness me and my sisters show off our gaming skills.

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1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming Redux Ep 1: Adventure ZX Octalogy

1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming is back on the air and to start things off, gonna start off in newer territory with an 8 part episode of Adventure for the Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum. It is a series of text adventure games where you must complete certain tasks to beat the game.   Adventure A - Planet of Death   Adventure B - Inca Curse   Adventure C - Ship of Doom (the toughest of the bunch due to random encounters)   Adventure

After a long hiatus, 1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming and Homebrew YouTube Exposure shall return.

Sorry I haven't wrote to this blog in a while. Been busy with life and other important things and I still am but the fam and I are still in the rebuild phase after fucking YouTube wiped out all our content that we spent over 10 years putting together. With 2020 being as fucked up as it is, I figured I will wait till 2021 to go back on the air here with a relaunching of 1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming which showcased playthroughs of retro videogames that include stuff older than our parents or when they

Dragon Princess Yushira

Dragon Princess Yushira


July 2nd I joined the rest of my siblings in parenthood

Healthy baby boy, 7lb 3oz. At least I was already out of high school so no affect on education. This is also my dad's 2nd grandchild that's not from a stepchild as baby brother fathered a child last year. Eldest sister, Andrea's 2nd child is due in August so at least that's one more grandchild for mother before we say good by to the 2010s.

YouTube can fucking burn in hell.

Just found out from my oldest sister that YouTube had terminated the PurrfectTrio account and it all started with a bogus copyright claim for a song that had nothing to do with Korea whatsoever. The so called copyrighted song translates to F World (instrumental) where the video in question (177 for PC88) had no music. To make things even more fucked up, the channel was terminated for repeated or severe community guidelines. If 177 (PC88) was the culprit then that is flat out bullshit because the

Purrfecttrio is now on Twitch.

The YouTube channel will be back in action soon but recently we decided to delve into Twitch using PS4 for the time being. The first vid is of Mega Man 1 as part of the MM Legacy Collection 1 by Azul Fria/Ice Queen Zero.   https://www.twitch.tv/videos/266057002   All of us have gotten a little rusty from concentrating on taking care of important real life affairs like family and education so while YouTube is a showcase of our better skills, twitch will showcase our more human side where ther

Hidden Mr. Dream dodge sprite from Punch Out NES

For the record, I call this a hidden sprite rather than an unused sprite because each fighter in Punch Out actually has a dodge sprites to avoid uppercuts except for King Hippo of course. But to those who don't dodge uppercuts so often, Glass Joe, Great Tiger, and Mike Tyson do dodge uppercuts. It was discovered that Glass Joe will dodge uppercuts after the 6th uppercut connects. Putting the theory for others to the test, the same happens to the other two as well. All three of them have been sho

Dragon Princess Yushira

Dragon Princess Yushira


The Revolution Will Be Intellivised

If you have read my recent post in the gaming publication forum, me and my sisters are working on various game books. One of them is related to Intellivision games and decided to make it a series. You can download the link with the covers to all books in progress or planned but I want to show ya'll personally the INTV cover we made for said book. As a bonus here is the cover to the Colecovision book.

1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming Episode 13: Secret level in Alpha Mission NES no one seems to know about.

Before I was born, mom once made a mini guide for Alpha Mission for the NES. In it, she mentioned that there was a playable Area 13 which you will fight the bosses in a boss rush. Nowhere else on the net has there been any mention of it. Not even on YouTube till now. At around 23:23 you will see a playable Area 13. Defeating the Area 12 boss the conventional way will display Area 13 then jump to Area 1 immediately. https://youtu.be/oz0VrI0ya0Q?t=1403 Gameplay by Chigura "Kage Negra/Tiggy Smal

1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming Episode 11: A look back at my first gameplay video ever.

Around the time of this video, my sisters had already been on YouTube for 3 years which is why the channel is called PurrfectTrio even though there are 4 of us. They decided to bring me into the fold and my first video was an uneventful one due to getting my ass handed to me towards the very end a lot but fortunately, I still managed to 1CC the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evgn7ZW4wf8 Description: Published on Jul 1, 2012 It's been a while since we uploaded any videos but here's a l

Dragon Princess Yushira

Dragon Princess Yushira


1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming part 10: Porter (NES)

6 years ago a YT video was meant to be made to accompany the FAQ written for the game Porter for the NES but no one got around to it till a user on YT named Charly made a request for it. Most people recognize a similar game as Boxxle.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNHLVrr84vA   Gameplay by Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria who also authored the guide.
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