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"Super Adventure" a Tribute to to Warren Robinet

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Back from VayCay

I just got back from visiting my 108 year old Aunt up north. Oddly enough she looks like she will make 109. It seems I missed out on the new ADE Pro from John Lundy so I decided to make my own by ordering the parts on Amazon. I have a complete set of parts for 4 units which costs under 90 buckazoids.  Hats off to those who make and sell them for $130 a piece. I own two MicroFox VD's which if my plans work out I will end up selling on EBay. I also picked up a Mean Well RQ-50B powe

Mike Harris

Mike Harris


Do we really need barriers keeping secrets?

You would think making barriers would just be a single line going up and down in Adventure but noooooooooooo.   So, me over engineering things updated my barriers to be more wide and change colors per objects in the environment.   I suspect that down the road in the A2600 world and limitations this may have been a byproduct and not just to have a gold key and secret dot change the secret barrier to clear but in keeping with my perfection I rewrote a portion of my barrier rout

Only Bats can satisfy Ozzy's cravings

I want to post a new rom but there is more under the hood than to play around with so I won't bore you.   Now up to 16k with 99% patterns, sound place holders and logic. I have yet to optimize, remove redundant test code  or fix bugs.   Still adding little touches.  After all we have to widen lines, have them change colors depending on object carried.  Secret rooms from original game.   I mentioned in my last post was animating and moving the bat.  Well, I have

Bats, why did it have to be bats....

Now that I have OTHER living things in my world I have one of two choices.   That is, either I repeat a lot of mapping code or have one generic mapping code shared by all creatures which is up to 8 including myself. So, I now have to modify my code to map my position in the world. Originally my position was based off whatever room I am in but if I am to share variables I now have to treat my character as if I am one of the creatures just with a different sprite pattern.  

On occasion I tickle myself

When I get it right.   So now I have the bat showing up only when it's in the same room with me. Not as hard as I thought it would be.   Now I have to update movements for the entire maze and other AI.   I left a request for some animation routine in the Coleco Programing forum if anyone wants to share some Z80 timing code. De...Bat flaps it's wings too fast but if I slow it down it slows the whole program so just one more thing to figure out.   Once the

General Update

Nothing to see here other than progress.   No rom today. However, updated the skill select screen to implement Difficulty A and B which is in the original game. Updated variables, patterns and bears oh, my... Not seriously working on it because it's summer and I have parental duties as well as house remodel. At the same time its not as if people are dying to play Coleco Adventure. It's more of a labor of love and to hone my programing skills. I have 5 other games a

A couple of bug fixes

Nothing you might notice but I updated my pickup routine so now the Bat has independence of grabbing objects. Before, the system was set up for just the player to pick up the loot. My last concept rom had a bug with sound when picking up which I fixed. Updated the font to look more pleasant than standard. To test music independent from effects select level 3 which I changed the tune to play a surprise that you might remember. I started ripping music from ADAM Data Pack games now so this wi

Just Proof of concept

No real changes other than temporary placeholders for sound and possibly music for the super game. but for those who are curious, picking up and dropping have their own distinct sound. It is not as hard as I thought to put in sounds. As I mentioned in the last entry I can put in music or whatever I want. So as a treat if you select level 3 it will play the tune from Looping, Two-Part Invention No. 8 in the background while you roam. Picking up and dropping still have their own channels f

Am I just cool or is it me ego...

Learning Music and Sound effects for the Colecovision and ADAM is not as hard as you think if you just try.   So, I started some test runs on sound and MAYBE some music for the super game of Adventure and understanding the format have ripped the Assembly language data for the Looping Tune.   Copy it into your game or whatever and here is the data. I did not separate it into channels and it will play the tune till the end. Have already tested it. LOOPING_TUNE: ; 2 part invention DB 040

No new rom today, just a "sitrep"

Just to give a quick progress report.   Added temp sounds to all my actions. Working on matching sounds to the original. Working on dragon logic and movement, bats. Working on Super Game version with updated graphics and sound. Working on custom title screen Working on custom skill select. Still under 16k Figuring out sound in assembly was a challenge but once I did it's not so bad. No tunes, just sound effects. So work is still in progress between this and rest of life because kids a

Who cares about bugs when...

you make progress. In any case, I am now mixing the cake to have a birthday... This release has a generic skill screen so you can select levels with the appropriate world, 2 and 3 being the same. All 3 Original Castles work with the corresponding key. Some offset bugs in the mazes which have to be addressed. Invisible maze is visible. Super Game closed for renovation. Now is the time to bring it all together then work on the bugs and upgrades. 95% of the code is in place or has a h

We all hate locked Castles don't we?

A mans home is his castle. So, in this day and age, with so much crime, we have to have locked doors. Why? Can't we trust golly woggles and dragons from breaking in and stealing your hard earned loot. In version 10 you get first hand look-zies at my new castle lock and open animation. Like always, check for bugs and just like always don't get back with me. All keys visible can be picked up. You can try any match you want, even the magnet, to unlock the castles and the castles should re

Great success: The Adventure Continues

Worked half the night to implement new features...More of a push to be accurate to the original. Tons of progress, next release will have more but that is not the exciting news. Came up with an almost automated way of transferring my game for use in my VDD and here are the new pictures on real, physical hardware. I performed a test run on a real ADAM, colors are not that bad considering it is not a real raster screen. However, I am able to pick up objects, I bounce and I do not go throug

Constantly coming up with improvements.

Rewrote a portion of my pickup routine today. Now, it checks for an object if I already have one in hand so it will drop and save it's location when I auto pickup another object. Moved my object display routine to only show object when I enter a room and not every cycle which should also improve speed. Reduced the size of the player from a 4x4 to a 3x3 square which looks better to me anyway. Tightened offsets. Tightened Collision Checking for my new Directional pickup routine that I am worki

“You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.” - Han Solo

Updated to v9 and free to download. I wish you guys would comment with your bug reports, ideas, thoughts.... Updated preliminary moving and placement of objects. You can now move most objects in level 1 - 3. Map is fixed onto level one for simplicity. 3 keys, magnet, sword, chalice. Place them in any room inside the world, even inside the castles. Leave, go to the other side of the universe, come back and it will be in the exact same spot as you left it. In the Super game that inclu

Dragons and I don't mean the Mother InLaw

I couldn't sleep so I revamped my Actors routine to match the new Treasures/Objects. So when you enter or leave a room the Actors are left in their last positions. Of course I had to show you the creatures....Nothing you have not seen before, certainly no Super Game creatures or objects are activated. I have to leave something to discover on your own. So, in honor of the end of Game of Thrones I give you three dragons in all their "Hard on the Eyes" Glory. And one bat. Go South and to

The old Porkchop Express!

The title of course has nothing to do with my entry. New update coming soon. As far as I can tell all mapping bugs have been fixed. When I upload the new rom then you tell me what you find. No more going through or getting stuck in walls. Kids...This was a huge pain in the A%%. The interesting thing is is when I finished and optimized the check routines it seems so simple. Just like replacing Spock's brain...A child could do it. The great part is that I can use these routines in all my n

Been a few days since updates.

I rewrote my wall checks for t-states and removed the IY and IX registers which should also improve speed. I also added an extra check so now walking through walls has been fixed in 4 directions. As soon as I implement the 4 diagonal directions I will post another update for you to test. Plenty of advice, some from Nanochess....thank you... I incorporated some of his input with what I already coded because I have to use IN A, (DATA_PORT) In order to use different pattern sets for the

Latest from ground Zero

Subtle things about the 2600 Adventure that I had to confront. My current game engine displays graphics similar to the 2600 in that I only have to draw half the rooms because they are mirrored in real time. An issue comes with the original game because the black castle maze on level 2 and 3 is not mirrored the same but an offset. So, for that room alone I have to alter my draw routine to incorporate one maze or draw it 100% which increases my rom size. Being I am still less than half of t

Day 2, everyone talks to me...

If you don't get the Steven Wright jokes then don't worry about it. Today's Update includes a visual of old favorites. Rewrote/updated the object display and clear routine for t-states and added an extra byte so the bat/s can pick up objects and carry them. The Bridge is not presently very impressive based on the limitation of sprite size. I have ideas on the back burner about that. My new focus are offsets so you can no longer walk through the edge of the walls. Will change color

Day 1, still tired from the move.....

The first 3 lines of my code. ; First attempt at real Colecovision Programing ; Adventure port from the Atari 2600 with due credit to Warren Robinett ; December 2, 2018 Start Date. 2 months, 5 versions and some 4,000 lines of Assembly Code later I have a bug ridden 80ish% completed game then the lull once I discovered that Quest For The Golden Chalice existed and it was 10x better than what I imagined to be a strait port. The first idea was to make a completed Adventure clone not only as a

Mike Harris

Mike Harris

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