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About this blog

My quest to relive my childhood one game at a time.

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Cartridge of the week....

No, there isn't such thing as "Cartridge of the Week Club" but there almost should be.    When I bought my light-sixer a couple months ago, I decided that I would just collect the cartridges that I really wanted: Pac-Man, Breakout, Missile Command, Berzerk, Asteroids, and Adventure. That was it.   But then, eBay lots came into play. I bought my first lot just because it was cheaper to get Adventure with a few throw-ins than it was to buy Adventure by itself. But now that I ha

Baron Von Jerkface

Baron Von Jerkface


Emulation Enters my Life

I've tried to live a spare life. A life whereby, if I have mp3s, I don't need physical media. If I have emulation and a collection of roms, I don't need a console. Those things took up too much space in my small abode. And yet, I started collecting records, but told myself that they would only be those that were significant in some way - either first pressings or colored vinyl. I've pretty much been able to keep to this rule and have only filled up two "cubes" of one of those Ikea Kallax shelvin

My lifelong obsession with video games

I was born less than a year into the VCS' life. The first video game I was exposed to was one of the home Pong units. I wasn't allowed to play it, because I was "too young". I recall it hooked up to the television in our home in Milwaukee... a home we left when I was 3, so I probably was too young. I had a half-brother eight years my senior who used to visit during the summers from California. He definitely got to play the Pong unit with my dad.   In 1981, we moved down to Georgia and
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