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About this blog

So I've decided to start a blog, I don't know if I'll post here frequently, but I'll try to post at least once a month.


Entries in this blog


Arcade Archives Reviews: VS. Super Mario Bros.

(Apologies for the short, and underwhelming review, I literally just finished this a couple of minutes ago since I honestly couldn't find anything to talk about)   VS. Super Mario Bros. is a platforming game for the Nintendo VS. system released In 1986 by Nintendo.   The game is hard... Really hard. Like, it compares to Mario 2 JP in terms of difficulty, I rarely get angry at games, but I was this close to throwing my Joycons while playing this.   I'm n

Arcade Archives Reviews: Burgertime

Burgertime is an arcade game released in 1982 by Data East, using the DECO type hardware (although a standard version was also released).   Burgertime is one of the essential arcade games. Everyone has played it at one point or another and overall is one of the classics. Peter Pepper never made it to the same heights as Pac-Man or Mario, but his sprite remains unforgettable.   In the game, you play as the aforementioned Peter Pepper and you gotta make burgers (with

Arcade Archives Reviews: Yie Ar Kung Fu

Yie Ar Kung Fu is a 1985 fighting game by Konami.   Now, this game is one of my favorite games Hamster re-released. In my opinion, it's probably the best fighting game of the 80s and one of the most underrated arcade games in general.   Now Yie Ar Kung Fu is basically a love letter to all of those Shaw Bros. Chinese Opera movies. You play as Oolong, a young Kung Fu master who has entered a tournament in order to avenge his father's death. You have to fight a diverse

Well, That Was Something!

I don't really like to post personal stuff on here, but this was so crazy I gotta talk about it.   So out of nowhere, my father called my mother. This may not sound crazy, but between my birth, and now, they've only talked a handful of times (they separated). And oh boy, a lot of things happened.   Firstly, my father got COVID-19 and has mostly recovered, my half brother I guess got mugged and was shot (I didn't hear much about this, but I think he's ok), and I guess all of t

Arcade Archives Reviews: Sky Skipper

Sky Skipper is a 1981 flying arcade game by Nintendo. You may have heard of this game because it never made it out of the test market phase due to poor reviews. Strangely, Parker Bros. made a port of the game for the 2600 and released it in 1983.   In the game, you play as (what for it) Mr. You, and you have to rescue the king's family from gorillas. The whole object of the game is you drop sleeping gas on the gorillas so the King's family has just enough time to jump out of their

Arcade Archives Reviews: Blazing Star

Blazing Star is a 1998 Shmup for the NEO GEO released by SNK.   This game may be the best game I've ever played. The action is over the top (almost to a comedic extent), the bosses are insane, and it's so freaking addicting.   Let's start with the graphics, for 1998, they are great, a little bit pixely, but considering the hardware it's on, it's expected. The music was also pretty good, I wasn't really listening to it because I was concentrating on dodging stuff (w

Arcade Archives Reviews: Karate Champ

(Changed the name of the series to better suit some reviews)   Karate Champ is a 1984 arcade fighting game released originally by Data East. In the game, you play as a Karateka who starts out sparring with his dojo (I believe, it could also be a dojo raid) and then you go to the big leagues and fight on national television!   The game simulates point-based fighting unlike most modern fighting games and is rather slow as you need to calculate every strike or else you'l

(New Blog Series) Arcade Archives Recommendations

I absolutely love this series (you probably already know since I can't stop talking about it here!), but some of the games they released should've just stayed in the arcade. So I'm going to make a series of entries where I will see whether or not a game is worth the price tag. I will be rating them between 1-10 (0 if it's really bad).   Now, before I start reviewing stuff, I'll give you an explanation of what Arcade Archives is:   Arcade Archives is a series of re-released ar

Quite Possibly The Worst Game I've Ever Played (Double Dragon Arcade)

I've played a lot of bad games, and for most, I can find something to enjoy. But with Double Dragon (Arcade), I can't find anything good to talk about besides the music (which you can listen to on YouTube so don't bother playing the game to listen to it).   Let's start off with the visuals. Now, for 1987 the graphics aren't terrible, but why does everything look off? I look at an Abobo and it looks like oatmeal. Then you have the controls which are very slippery and delayed. I don't kn

Ow, my legs!

For those who don't know, Nintendo released a free jump rope simulator called Jump Rope Challenge for the Switch on the 15th, I decided to download it after I found out about thanks to Steven Pendleton's post in the witch subforum, after cheating the first 100 while my joycons charged, I decided to actually try and do them.   I might've gone too far... Granted, I did take 30 min-1 hour breaks in between, but I'm not active at all (to put it into perspective, I get tired when I go

Lost Gaming Vault: Super Mario World 1989 Build

So you thought this series was dead? I was only just hibernating!   Super Mario World is the 4th game in the long-running Super Mario series and was the 1st one to be in 16-bit and also was the first game with everyone's favorite dinosaur, Yoshi. Now, to my knowledge; SMW doesn't have a lot of interesting prototypes, they usually have one or two differences, but nothing worth talking about. But I found this one interesting enough due to how different this is graphically.    N

How I Found Out About Redlettermedia

It was the morning memorial day 2019, I got up to make some food when I took the wrong turn and knee when out and back into place, making me fall on the floor in horrible pain. I somehow got to my bedroom when Redlettermedia's Jack and Jill review was playing. I watched most of it, but I was in too much pain to go back to sleep, so I used my wooden practice katana as a makeshift cane and struggled to get to the medicine cabinet and get some anacin.   After getting back to my room, I bu

Can't Sleep

I take clonidine to manage both my anxiety and my insomnia, unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a refill on it so for the past week or so I've been feeling the effects of not taking it.   The effects started a couple of days ago when it felt like my veins were being shocked. Clonidine is a blood pressure pill so I thought maybe it was my blood pressure going up, turns out my blood pressure was fine. Thankfully, my anxiety has died down considerably since I started taking clonidin

Lost Gaming Vault: 70s Video Games

Video games from the 70s are like movies from the late-1800s-early-1900s, people thought it was a passing fad, so they didn't really try to preserve them. unlike movies, video games are more future proof, so more games from the 70s exist today. But some did slip through the cracks.    Oregon (lost original version of "The Oregon Trail" computer game; 1971)     Everyone loves the dysentery inducing, river fording, fort trading, Oregon Trail! But not everyone knows t

Lost Gaming Vault: Cancelled 64DD Games

No that's not a bra size!     The 64DD was an add-on for the Nintendo 64 that was announced in 1995 and planned to be released alongside the N64 in 1996, but due to multiple delays, it was released on December 1st, 1999. Needless to say, it flopped and it's most likely the worst-selling Nintendo system of all time selling a little more than 15,000 units. during the 4 year period of development, a lot of games were planned for it but were never released. so far, we know there are 1

Lost Gaming Vault: Sonic 1 Prototypes

Welcome to the first (of hopefully many) installments of Lost Gaming Vault, here I'll write about various types of lost gaming media, from prototypes we know little about, to MMOs that have been shut down, I'll try to cover. If you have a game you'd like me to write about, just comment and I'll try to get to it. Now, let's get to the juicy stuff!     The early Sonic games have prototypes, lots of prototypes, most have been found and dumped, but one game has 2 elusive protos that w

Sonic X-treme: A Great Game Lost To Time

So I just finished messing around with the Sonic X-treme demo (the one they apparently had trouble porting over to the Saturn), and it was pretty good! According to the Readme, the demo was in the process of a rewrite when it was dropped, and it was still very fun and I could see a lot of potential in it.    I liked the camera turning mechanic, even if it was like a debug thing, they could've made some cool puzzle levels with it. Even though there was no music in it, I feel like a grea

Always Be Optimistic and Positive!

Right now, it seems like a lot of pessimism is going around the world, and, yes, things are bad right now, but take the time to look at the small things and appreciate them. Since most of us have some spare time now, do something that you've wanted to do for a while but just couldn't get around to doing it. You could challenge yourself, and use the extra time to try something you've never done before, you'd be surprised at how fast you can accomplish something.   For example (this ties

Learning Japanese!

After studying Japanese off and on for a little over a year, I've finally gone all in and started learning the language! So far I've familiarized myself with hiragana (basic characters) and I've been slowly but surely learning katakana (characters for names and foreign words). I'm still far away from learning kanji though.   I can now recognize about 30-50% of hiragana and 5% of katakana, but I still don't know any words besides the basics, so I assume I know as much Japanese as a 1-ye
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