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Simple place for the simple thoughts of a once great isometric pilot

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Reminiscing on scale...

Over the weekend, I was reminiscing with my dad about how he set up his home office for his job back in the 80's.  He and the other engineers/draftsmen at the new company all had state of the art computers for structural/piping drawing with CAD software, etc.  I remember the computer was a "beast" for the time with a 20MB! hard drive and people wondering how in the hell they'd use that. The computer cost around 4500 at the time, which is expensive for a good machine even now, let alone the 80's.
Picking up where life left off....

Picking up where life left off....

So, as I've mentioned before, I've recently come back to Atari 8 bit computing after decades away.  Currently I don't actually have any of my old hardware, other than 520ST.  I am in the progress of procuring some old hardware in the form of an 800XL and supporting hardware(possible disk drives/SIO solution/display/etc).     One of the goals I have set for myself is to *finally* do some programming for the old 800XL.  I did BASIC back in the day on my old 400/800XL, when I was a kid. 



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