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Back to the Future - Reality Station Prototype



I did some digging and found the ever useful wayback machine to be of assistance, Thought it would be useful with all this talk of buying Atari & releasing fpga systems.




Photograph of Ideas2Reality's RealityStation Posted

August 22, 2001


Ian Steadman, who is working on the project, posted these comments on the Moobunny forum:


"More details about the internals will be released at the appropriate time. I can tell you that the architecture is slightly different to a normal computer and it has a number of co-processors with as much processing power (combined) as a Pentium 4 but with a more efficient architecture."


Regarding whether or not it's AmigaOne-compatible, he added, "I could easily make it compliant with the Zico specification but that is no challenge. I'm working on a slightly different concept, more forward thinking."


A follow-up added this information:


"Following on from the comments on the prototype case photo, here is a quick FAQ on the RealityStation.


The website is due for an update real soon now ;)


1) What is the RealityStation?


It is a low cost, high performance system, the first model will be a set top box with DVD playback, internet access, useful applications and games.


2) What processor will be used?


It is planned to use a PowerPC. Model and speed grade to be defined.


3) Will it be Zico compliant?


It could be. The Zico spec is a generic PPC CHRP compliant system with a specific (Matrox) graphics card as I see it.


4) What operating systems will it run?


It is capable of running many operating systems. A few Unix flavours (Linux, BSD) QNX RTP and any other PPC operating system with some work.


5) Will developer kits be available?


Yes, there are still some issues to resolve but hopefully they will be available soon.


6) Is it related to the Phoenix Developer Consortium?


Yes. Phoenix has been used for discussions and information.

7) I'm interested, how do I find out more?


You can email me using the address above or use the following email address,


[email protected]


8) Is there an official logo?


I have dabbled with Logos but I'm crap at art. Any budding designers want to try?


9) Will I be able to buy a system with that groovy case?


That is a prototype. There will be some changes for production.


10) When will it be released?


Check the RealityStation website (www.realitystation.co.uk) for more news as and when it happens."


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