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2013 PC Games written by me (so far)

[#006] in 2013, i've programmed three PC games (via Qbasic) that i'm proud of and it's only the middle of May! check them out:


Blitz (Jan '13) port of the classic Vic-20 game



TapKey RPG (Apr '13 - May '13) loosely based on the game mechanics of 'Theatrythm: Final Fantasy'



and coming very soon:


Chameleon (May '13) a space shooter that nods to the Virtual Boy, Adventure Vision, and a handful of classic shmups!



i will also be returning to my 2011 epic, MicroDungeon.


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CHAMELEON v06042013 is now available for download.

five known bugs fixed. a sixth one was discovered like an hour later! damnit!


CHAMELEON v05232013 is [replaced with a newer version].

first release.

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