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May Savings



Another month without any content purchases! Cumulative savings over DirecTV is up to $578. Balance remaining for the DVR setup is $2153.



I know I'll be purchasing content again soon, Season 3 of Franklin & Bash starts up in a few weeks and TNT only lets you stream off their website if you log in with your service provider. Futurama starts up soon as well - while I don't think it's likely, it's possible it'll be available online like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


Since I'm having to wait for some of my series to become available (Game of Thrones, Nurse Jackie, etc), I've started watching a couple "new to me" cable series, Psych and Burn Notice, that are being aired on Ion (channel 49.1) and My Network TV (20.1).




That new Movies! channel has a nice splash screen at the start of each movie:



While not edited for time, the movies are still edited for content. As such, start times don't always line up on the customary 30 minute boundaries (for instance Let's Make It Legal and The Taming of the Shrew aired today at 11:20 am and 1:45 pm).


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