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June Savings



Paid $50 this month for content, Franklin & Bash, Season 3 and Futurama, Season 10, so saved $96 over what I would have given DirecTV.


My cumulative savings are now at $674. Balance remaining on the DVR setup is $2057.


My average monthly savings for the past 6 months is $112 - if that remains the same then the DVR setup will be paid off in about 18 months. I suspect it'll take a little longer than that though as some of the "delayed release" series like Game of Thrones tend to cost a bit more than the content I've bought so far. The Drobo's also been slowly filling up (it's now 64% full), so I foresee an additional drive in the near future. Adding the 4th drive will double the Drobo's data capacity (don't forget I'm using Dual Disk Redundancy).

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If you experiment with the capacity tool (5-bay with Dual Disk Redundancy) you'll see that for future expansion it'd be better for me to choose a larger drive for the 4th drive. If I fill all 5 slots with 3TB, then run out of room, I'd have to replace 3 drives before seeing additional data capacity.


Looks like the red series will be gaining 4TB in the 3rd quarter and 5TB in the 4th. I think I can hold out for one of those.

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