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No sound or no picture?

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So I got a Game Gear at the flea market. I tested it out and it had a good picture. I didn't really check the sound. I got home, it doesn't make sound. At all. Not even with headphones. But do you know what? I don't care. I'm just thrilled that I have a Game Gear that I can actually see what is on the screen. My other one had a very dim screen. But this one you can actually adjust the screen brightness. It came with three games (Super Columns, Sonic 2, and X-Men, so no rare games), and a carrying case and all that was only $8. I was heading out when I saw a huge 7-up bottle for $7, so I got that, too. I also saw a huge R2-D2 soda container, almost as tall as I was, but I didn't get it. Funny how I've never seen Star Wars, yet I knew it was R2-D2. And not C3PO. So now I can play my Game Gear games and actually know what's going on in them, although there will be no sound. I guess if I had to choose either being blind or deaf, I would choose being deaf, because if I was deaf, at least I could see to play video games. Although I wouldn't hear music any more, which would be sad, but at least I could see. But I am not deaf or blind, so I can see and hear, which is great, except when the stupid cat is yowling for food and won't shut up.

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I got sound to come out of it, but only through headphones. Something must have banged loose during its transport from the flea market to here, or someone bumped into it wrong while I was walking down the aisles. Or something.

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