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The longest song ever recorded

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I want to make a 122-hour-long song. I figure if I sit down at the piano (or whatever instrument I choose to play that day) and play for 20 minutes every day of 2014, by December 31, I would have on my hands a 122-hour-long song. (20 * 367 / 60) 367 because I have worked on this for 2 days so far and it's not January 1 yet. I wonder how many 4 GB data DVDs it would take to hold this song. If you'd like to do the math, I have 45 minutes done and I converted it to MP3 and it's 20.5 MB. So far I have used both keyboards, a guitar and my tabla I got for Christmas. In case you couldn't tell (ha), I was in a really bad mood yesterday. But now I am better. My stupid 7800 controller was being stupid, so I plugged in my 2600 one. My 7800 controller is sitting on the floor, taken apart because I tried to fix it in vain.

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Lets actually do the math 144 hours works out to 8,640 minutes. Divide that number by 45, that means you will have 192 45 minute long MP3s. You said yourself 1 of those MP3s is 20.5 MB so 192 of them equals 3,936 MB which is 3.843752 GB. So after all of this it means you can get the whole song on just 1 DVD.

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