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The longest song ever recorded part 2

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So with the discovery of Bull of Heaven which means I cannot make the longest recorded song ever, I have decided to quit the 121-hour-long song project. Instead, I will break them into little segments. The first one is 100 minutes and one second. Why? Because I have yet to see if I have any more AAA batteries and my voice recorder has run out of power. It tells me by stopping in the middle of my recording. I am going to name my second song "Enigma." I want to put these up on YouTube, but at the same time I fear that people will laugh at them and call me an untalented idiot. Plus, I doubt many people would "get" the recordings and see them for what they really are. The true meaning of them are kinds of cries for help from a guy who is trapped in a life he didn't want. This first recording I will describe to you.

It is based on a piece of paper I discovered, sort of poems set to music. I didn't write the music to them. I remember the music to some of them. Anyway, I wrote these when I was 18. Beginning a cruel chapter of my life. I recorded this on a keyboard which I had since I was a kid, along with the newer one. I have always had a profound, intense hatred for the doctors who like to put labels on people and tell them they have this psychotic disorder or that disease which makes you think "abnormally." I guess this is a cliche saying, but there is no such thing as normalcy. Everyone is different. Anyway, I will shut up now.

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