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The longest song ever recorded part 3

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Since people asked for it, I've put up a sample of the song I'm currently working on called "Enigma," on my first album under the band name "Eating Plants Disgusts Me." Why call it that? Because it does. I used a sample I cut of the SpongeBob episode "The Secret Box" where Patrick says "the inner mechanations of my mind are an enigma." and looped it in various ways up until the 20 minute mark. This sample you hear only goes until 3:19 because I can't post stuff on my website larger than 5MB (a horribly small limit, I know.) Then after 20 minutes, I recite part of the poem I wrote for 5 minutes and then I play the keyboard for another 15 minutes. Then I'll write some more of my poem and repeat the process until I have a one hour one minute and one second song. Then I plan to make a song called "Reginald Andrews and his Amazing Octet of Electric Pencil Sharpeners" which will last 99:59. I just think that not doing it for a full 100 minutes seems odd and is part of the oddness of the song. So anyway, to hear the sample, go here: http://www.atari2600land.com/eatingplantsdisgustsme/

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Awesome! Love experimental music. It will definitely be a treat when its finished! Looking forward to it.

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