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I've lately been noticing ads for Airbox on the ION station. Previously (see comments) Airbox had targetted the Hispanic community, that no longer appears to be the case.


One thing that stood out to me is they now have a DVR. On their FAQ page, by clicking on Basics then How much does it cost to get started? I can see the DVR costs $149.99. To use the DVR feature you need to pay a monthly fee of $10 a month, though if you order one of their packages (4 channel Starz Pack for $20, 4 channel Showtime Pack for $20, or all 8 channels in the Premium Pack for $30) the DVR monthly charge drops to $6. I imagine part of that charge is for the guide - I currently pay $20 a year for EyeTV to have access to the electronic version of TV Guide, without which it'd be difficult to schedule recordings.


This might be a good solution for anybody who wants to cut the cord but isn't tech savvy. I plan to bring it up with a friend of mine who's been interested in my DVR Project, but thinks it's too complex to use for herself.


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