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Gaming Finds on Vacation



[#018] in Edgewater Mall (Biloxi, Mississipi) there is an awesome used game store called Just 4 Play that had bin full of PS1 games, individually priced from $6.95 and up. the highest price i found in the bin was for $29.95. There was a 3 for $10 deal on anything priced under $10. I ended up buying six games; Baldies, Blast Radius, Grid Runner, Pong, Robotron X, and Spider The Video Game.


that store reminded me of the GameTrader stores that were hot shit in the late 90s & early 2000s. i was in there for over an hour, excited at the fact that i once again saw walls of NES carts, SNES carts, Genesis carts, etc. they even had a light sixer for sale (overpriced at $79.99)


a few days later i bought three more games for dirt cheap:

Shiren The Wanderer (Wii) cost $0.97 - LESS THAN A DOLLAR!

Catherine (X360) cost $6.97 - this is some weird Qbert puzzle meets dating/cheating sim. i remember watching all the cinematics on youtube so i already know the full story and how it ends. couldn't pass it up for that price.

Mayhem (360) for another $6.97 - this racing game appears to be in mostly black & white (like a comic) and comes with 3D (red/blue) glasses


my recent rekindled Pokemon obsession has dwindled down a bit but it's still there. i still have 7/8 badges in Blue. i plan on finally beating the game this week. i bought a Blastoise shirt from Hot Topic today. the only reason i went in that store is because i thought it was Spencer Gifts, and there was a TMNT shirt that i wanted that they didn't have in stock. either way i'm getting older and i should really stop wearing "kid's tees".... ...oh but fuck that, it's who i am!


in other news, my baby girl is now 7 months old. she says "da-da". but she calls everything da-da. tomorrow is my first father's day as a dad. the grass is cut, the shitty intex pool is as clean as it will ever be without a proper pool vacuum, and i'll be grilling burgers and dogs. then it's back to work on monday. ugh.


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