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Treadmill Update



I've had the treadmill now for 8 weeks! Here's the log so far:

Week       Minutes  Calories  Miles   Steps---------  -------  --------  -----  ------May  5-11   485:28      1217  10.06   32799May 12-18  1004:06      2537  21.13   68486May 19-25   524:11      1275  10.17   34933May 26- 1  1103:23      2917  24.00   77807Jun  2- 8  1504:27      4307  40.28  118487Jun  9-15  1872:47      5600  53.20  152293Jun 16-22  1675:23      5114  50.02  138645Jun 23-29  2172:08      6176  57.77  170616

The first 2 weeks (May 5-18) saw low usage as I didn't get the monitor arms until the 15th, so walking during the workday didn't start until the 16th.


The next 2 weeks (May 19-Jun 1) also didn't see much usage as I'd taken an extra long Memorial Day Weekend to go to Colorado Springs to attend a family wedding. Had a great time!


When I got back from the wedding I was a little over 177. As of this morning, I'm down to 169! Before getting the treadmill I was fairly strict about my carb intake. I've loosened that up a lot and am still dropping weight. I suspect if I was as strict about the carbs as before I'd loose weight faster, but I don't see this as a race :)


When I started working at the treadmill desk I started off slow and gradually increased the speed as I got used to walking all day. For some reason the difference between 1.5 and 1.6 was a doozy, so I've stayed at 1.6 MPH for the past couple of weeks. At that speed I've had no problems at all with typing or using the mouse. On weekends I increase the MPH by 1, but only if I'm going to be on the computer for a brief period of time. Days like yesterday, when I worked on Collect, I left it at the weekday speed. I'm still able to use the computer at 2.6, though mouse accuracy does take a hit.


I'm now OK with 1.6, so will be bumping it up to 1.7 MPH tomorrow (and 2.7 for the low-computer-use weekend days).


The treadmill itself is working quite well, though I did have to make a minor adjustment as the walking belt drifted to the right. It was a very easy adjustment to make.



One thing I do wish is the treadmill would remember the speed you were last using. Everytime you pause it, it starts back at 0.4 MPH so I have to hit the "increase" button 12 times to get back to 1.6 MPH.


My old desk has been repurposed in another room for classic systems. There's a ColecoVision, VIC 20, C= 128 and Sega NOMAD connected via a switchbox to a 1084 monitor.



I got tired of going back and forth to get items stored in the filing drawers of the old desk, so I picked up a couple ALEX drawer units(like this one, but article # 002.911.22) and a TORNLIDEN table top from Ikea to use for storage and a place to put things like the scanner and my MacBook Pro. My 2 most used work computers are also situated there:



And I've stashed the other 4 work computers (a laptop and 3 towers) in the closet.


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I'm starting to get more consistent with my new treadmill, and I've started dropping a little bit of weight. I'm at that happy-yet-annoying place where I'm right between notches on my belt. One way is too loose, the other is too tight. But at least it's heading in the right direction. :)

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