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Brickdown / Shooting Gallery, APF, 1978



Brickdown / Shooting Gallery, APF, 1978 - only NOT




My copy of this cart wouldn't work. Grr. This is a lesson that reminds me I need to test these things as soon as I get them. The seller on ebay had said it worked. I'm thinking he made a mistake, like he did when he said that photocopies of the instructions were included. Grr.


If anyone can lend/rent me theirs, I'll pay shipping both ways, take really good care of it and have it back to you within a day or two. In fact, I'm still looking for a half dozen of these carts to chronogame. Since this system is not emulated, (nor are the cart roms dumped) I'm relying on ebay or anyone who can loan/rent/sell me them. PM me please. I'll still need to play the following after I get through the ones I have:


Pinball / Dungeon Hunt <-- first D&D type game on a console, I assume.

Backgammon <-- Okay, not really excited about this one, but still.

Boxing <-- first time for boxing on a console

Brickdown <--for reasons explained above

Casino I <--Again, not too excited about it, but I'm trying to play as many as possible

Space Destroyers <-- I heard this one was actually pretty good so I really want to play it. More often than not, I play the good ones about 20 minutes longer than I play the bad ones.

UFO <---interested in the gameplay for this one, too.


I think I'd be much less interested in playing these if there were a nice description of these games and their gameplay anywhere on the internet, BUT there isn't, so my curiosity is like a ravenous beast.


HEY! I just had another idea. If you have any of these and aren't willing to rent/lend/sell them to me (which is cool, I completely understand) could you just write me telling me what they're like? Maybe take some screenshots? Please! Chronogaming needs you!


Next entry is Bowling / Micro Match-up which should be later today since this entry doesn't really count as an entry, you know?


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On 11/3/2012 at 9:07 PM, Nelio said:

Although MESS still lists the APF 1000 as "not working", I've been able to play all games so far, except for the built-in one. If you're still into playing these games, just download the latest version of MESS, the APF 1000's BIOS, and the games here:




Well, holy crap! That's good to know. Even more than a decade later it's good to know.



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