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The HDX upgrade for the TI RS-232 card. (UPDATED 07/02/2019)

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The HDX brings your TI-99/4A to a whole new level, in fact (at the time of this posting) it was one of the TOP TWO modifications, that were are a MUST for everyone who uses a TI-99/4A. Whether you are a gamer, a programmer or an all-around user, this modification really gives the TI user a lot of bang for their buck. In fact quite a few of your fellow AtariAge members that hang out in the TI-99/4A Programming area already have and use these.


The HDX is one of those 'elusive upgrades', the kind that actually pay for themselves. Why? Simply because you may never need to buy another diskette again. If that's not justification enough, what is? This little bugger is fast too, you'll find that it loads programs TWICE AS FAST as from diskette.


So I ask you, are your reading this blog on a PC? Does your PC have a hard drive?" If so, why not use your hard drive for your TI too?


It's not all about storing or getting programs to and from your PC. If you don't have an old compatible printer, no problem, with the HDX you can also print to your PC's printer! The sister program for the PC will spit the output to your modern printer.





So now, getting files to the TI has NEVER been easier, you can load them and run them directly off the PC just like it was DSK1, you can even share the same files with an emulator like Classic99.


If you do not feel comfortable modifying your own RS-232 card, or if you don't have a TI RS-232 card, the Atari Age member called "arcadeshopper" sells these units completely assembled and mounted, all ready to go... for only $80.00 << HERE >>


NOTE: Greg may be out of stock from time to time, so there may be a delay in shipping.




After a few years of use, the battery will get low, and you may develop an issue booting your TI and get a BLUE SCREEN, << CLICK HERE >> for the glitch fix. When this starts to occur, just replace the CR2032 battery and you'll be fine for another few years. :thumbsup:


Someone once asked if the HDX will run on a PC without an old-style serial port, the answer is YES!

Any modern PC with a USB port will work just fine. In fact, it's what I used.


sml_gallery_35324_1064_93873.jpg sml_gallery_35324_1064_235661.jpg


If you are a programmer, using the HDX in conjunction with Classic99 is a great way to move over TEXT LISTINGS from the TI section of Atari Age... without typing.


The short video below will demonstrate some of the additional capabilities you will gain by using the HDX, please check it out and see for yourself.



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Yes, but please keep away from this "PL2303"-USB-2-SER coming from china :)
I had massive problems with this 2$-"clones"

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Yeah, the Keyspan device is a little more expensive, but it works with practically EVERYTHING out there, PC's, MACS, PLC's, etc.


You can purchase them easily by following << THIS LINK >>.

There is also a little more information that might interest people in a previous message thread

<< HERE >>.

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