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The Princess (Rescue) is in another castle.



Mortal Kombat HD Remix was a fan game project I was following since 3 or 4 years ago.

I'm big fan of classic fighting games, the original MK was one of my favorites, so it was going to be special.

The project goal was recreate the original MK game in high resolution using 3D graphics modeled after the original, respecting the animation, lighting and so on.

Taking advantage of CG, the artist was making more animation frames and so on.


This is the link for the youtube channel if you want to know more about the project : Gabriel Melendez

The music was being remixed by another artist, here's the link of his channel : MrJustingSlaughter


The music also, was better than MK 9 remixes, IMHO.


I was dreaming about possibility to WB hire these guys and make this project official, but for my surprise they did the exact opposite!

Just discovered Warner Bros, who owns the rights of MK, drop a C&D letter, and force him to stop to make this awesome project.


What a douche move from WB. Seriously, from what I read, the game was meant to be released as free.


There's a big difference between a fan game to a pirate game. And things get worse in a project is like this one, a free game, made with labor of love by talented people.

I don't understand why big companies insist to constrain the creativity of people who grew playing their games. How could this project damage MK brand?


From what I read on youtube comments, Gabriel is fine with it and will move on, creating an original fighting game.


Sadly, Warner Bros deserve to be in the black list of companies who don't respect tolerate fan game projects.


I'm going to finish this text to not say anything rude, to not say worse.

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I was thinking the huge difference to speak with someone, know what's his intention, to kick the door and throw a C&D letter and walk away.

From what I read, their excuse was this guy would be a potential competitor.


And the worse, as far I know, WB holds IP of all Atari games released after 83, because they bought Midway in 2009.

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