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Another Update for Draker Quest



Coding with the use of banks have been a bitch. I've been getting errors ever since I had to change from 48k to a size higher like 128 or 256k. It's possibly my coding, but as I added more graphics, that's when I had to choose a higher rom size and then all the errors started happening. But there's one thing that saved my butt: a backup. I've been making a practice of making a backup of the files just in case things start going nuts- and they did. It's also a good idea to keep it on a USB stick. It could also be a possibility the file could of got corrupted-but I have no idea.


So I've reverted back to a recent 48k version just so I can get back on track, but as I keep adding to Draker Quest, I'm going to have to change the rom size and that means dealing with those dreaded banks.


One other thing is that I greatly appreciate the help by RevEng's been doing even though I'm still new at this and I don't have the mind of a mathemetician.


This demo has been updated with more enemies and such. Don't expect anything to be perfect as this is still very early in development.


More screenshots:








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