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Twenty Years of PENGUIN



[#023] today marks the 20th anniversary of my two-piece rock band, founded in 1994 at the age of 13. buying me a drum kit was the second best decision my parents ever made. i had an outlet for the joys and sorrows of my teenage years well into my adult life, with over 300+ songs written and recorded.


during the past couple of years, after both of us got married and i have a 1-year-old daughter, things slowed down to a halt. i have less and less time to devote to writing new songs (i've completed and recorded only two this year). in October, we shut down our Clock Studios practice/recording space that we had since 2006. prior to that shutdown, we rolled tape and recorded as many live songs as we could. most of those results became November 2014's Clock Studios Treasury, a 19-song compilation.


although it seems we didn't make it to twenty years, there's been no official split, there are talks of getting my drums out of storage and into the other guy's garage, there's a couple albums worth of material we still want to record, and there's always the option to book some shows.


without notice, without warning, and without even involving the other guy, i put out one more collection of songs late last night (as i was too trigger happy to wait for today, the actual anniversary). so here it is:


P20: Twenty Years




this five-song anniversary release includes "purposely leftover" live tracks that i left off of Clock Studios Treasury. the last track is a cover song of a local band, Haggle, who were the main reason we started this twenty-year journey in the first place.


studio albums:

No Time For Bullshit (2012 LP)

Never Gone (2007 LP)

Your Anguish Sustains Me (2006 EP)

Songs In the Key of Uhr (2004 LP)

Shaded Jade (2000 LP)


early 4-track stuff:

Wasted (1998 EP)

Fork Sheet Peas (1997 LP)

Fishy Green Stuff (1997 EP)

Technical Difficulties (1996 LP)

Minnow (1995 EP)

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I would be interested in buying a copy of 'Fishy Green Stuff'. (I have also tried to contact you via Bandcamp.)





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