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awesome dreams, fake arcade cabinets, and Pennywise.



[#025] let's talk about dreams that are awesome, the ones that you wake up and immediately go back to sleep for so that they continue (but more-so because you're still exhausted). yeah, those dreams rock.


my latest subconscious adventure happened to be hobby-related; gaming. me and my wife had apparently just moved into a small house in a small neighborhood. the guy next door operated an arcade in his basement, and needed to get rid of a machine because he had a new one coming in and needed the space. he offered me one of his games, free of charge, as a housewarming gift. my wife was not to thrilled about it (but notice i said me, and not us). the catch was i couldn't pick out the game, as he knew which one he wanted to get rid of.


he said it was the oldest machine he had, and one of the first games to come out, released in 197X (i forget the year). i also forgot what the title was, but it was two words. i'm thinking one of them was "Space" (the other one was not "Invaders"). the cabinet itself was mostly black and silver. the game had all-white (or light blue) vector graphics. at the beginning of the game, a giant round thing would come from the top left and spit out a bunch of different sized ellipsis. these triple dot formations would remain on one row for a second or two, then turn into different stuff when the actual game began, which then played a bit like Asteroids, except you were actively being targeted by some of the on-screen objects. they were all primitive/basic shapes. the big round thing would come back to set up the next level, and maybe it was part of some boss fight (but now i'm just making stuff up)...


thinking about it now, this description mostly resembles Minestorm on the Vectrex. but i'm wondering if there's something out there which better matches it.


tomorrow night I'm going to go see legendary punk band Pennywise. i hadn't been to a rock show in probably a year, and i've never seen PW although i've been a fan since the early 90s. needless to say, i'm pretty effin' stoked.


here are a few of my favorite tracks of theirs:






edit: of the four above, they played Unknown Road and Broken.


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Pennywise the clown is indeed where they got the name from. and yes, those are my favorite two scenes!


true story: when my older brother was in high school, they had a class assignment to film a 10-minute version of IT. i got to play Georgie.

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