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Late Birthday Present From My Daughter



[#027] I became another year older on the 4th. My kid started walking on the 5th. I'll start nailing down some things and moving other things to high shelves on the 6th and hope for the best!


I've got $200 to blow at Home Depot, and I really need a gas trimmer. I'm going to ditch the bump-to-feed plastic line and buy RinoTuff blades. No longer will my yard look like crap in the corners.


I also started reading All You Need Is Kill, a manga which has apparently already been adapted into a Tom Cruise movie (Edge of Tomorrow) which I may or man not watch once I finish the manga.


And I'll probably never write a gigantic blog like the previous one (#026) ever again. No replies plus no likes equals no readers and/or fans.


On that note...




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I've taken a hammer to that piece of shit Ryobi "Reel Easy" spool. I had to smash it off. So much for being "Reel Easy".

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