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DPC+ARM - Part 4, Cloning



NOTE: This blog series is obsolete.  Head on over to the Harmony/Melody Club where you'll find information on the new Linaro compiler and the new CDFJ coprocessor/bankswitch scheme that has many improvements over DPC+.




Note: Cloning is optional, but will be useful to you in the future.


We have 4 different versions of the compiler available. Normally you'd want to use just the latest version; however, through experimentation, we've found that sometimes an older version will produce smaller code. That can be extremely useful when trying to fit everything into a 32K ROM file.


Instead of creating a bunch of new VMs and installing Linux and the Guest Additions, let's just make three clones of the one we've already made.


Start up Virtual Box. With your Linux VM powered down, right click on your Linux VM and select Clone...



select clone


Give it a name. I'm going to name them after the versions of our compiler:

  • 2011.03-42
  • 2012.03-56
  • 2012.09-63
  • 2013.05-23

Also make sure you click on Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards. If you don't select this, then you'll have networking problems if you run more than one of your VMs at the same time. Click Continue.



new name, reinitialize


Make sure Full clone is selected, then click Clone. The cloning process will start.





First clone finished



one clone


Repeat two more times.



cloning complete


Let's rename the first VM so it matches the rest. Right-click on it, then select Settings...





And rename it





The resulting order will be wrong (2013 should be after 2012).



wrong order


Just click-hold on the first VM then drag it to the end of the list.





On the off chance you forgot to reinitialize a MAC address, there's an easy fix. Bring up the settings for your VM and click on the Network tab. There's a small triangle next to Advanced, click it. To the right of the MAC Address is a green circling arrows icon, click it to generate a new MAC address.



new MAC address


Here's my four VMs running. I've changed the background colors for each, it helps me to keep track of which version of the compiler I'm using.



four VMs


To change the background:

  • right-click on the desktop
  • select Change Desktop Background
  • Select a Wallpaper image, and close the window
  • -or-
  • Click on Wallpapers and select Colors & Gradients
  • Select solid or gradient
  • set the color or colors(if gradient was selected) and close the window

setting background


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I noticed I used the wrong screenshot for new name, reinitialize, it didn't show reinitialize as checked. That's been corrected.

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